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Friday, April 19, 2013


Unusual sight: more than a million people have been told to stay in their homes and not go to work
Unusual sight: more than a million people have been told to stay in their homes and not go to work

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News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government19 Apr 2013
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Police officer orders NBC News correspondent to 'stop talking to witness' --'You cannot go thirty seconds without hearing a siren.' --Fox News correspondent, reporting from Watertown, Mass., Friday Posted by Lori Price, 19 Apr 2013 NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders was reporting on the events in Watertown early Friday. In a live report on MSNBC, Sanders said that he was accosted by a police officer 'with a Glock.' The officer 'ordered him to take his hands out of his pockets.' He complied. Sanders explained that he was cold, which is why his hands were in his pocket. Sanders reported that after he identified himself, he was ordered by the police officer to stop talking to a witness at the scene. (MSNBC live, 5:00 AM ET)
Boston is on LOCKDOWN as the ENTIRE CITY told to stay indoors during manhunt for the second bombing suspect --Police order all residents to stay inside as the manhunt continues for the second suspect, identified as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev --Public transport system shut down --Amtrak service stopped INDEFINITELY in area around Boston --All public schools and 16 colleges are closed today 19 Apr 2013 The entire city of Boston is on lockdown as authorities warn that residents should lock their doors and remain inside as they continue the manhunt for the surviving suspect from the marathon bombing. The city is being controlled by SWAT teams and an army of police as they try to keep everyone indoors by shutting down the entire public transportation system, closing schools and ordering businesses to remain closed for the day. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority subway and commuter rail system is shut down until further notice as officials try to keep citizens off the streets following the fatal shoot out in Watertown early Friday morning that lead to the death of the first suspect. Amtrak services in the area around Boston has been suspended indefinitely, keeping people- including 19-year-old suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev- from leaving the city.

Raw Shooting at MIT Watertown

Published on Apr 18, 2013
credits to WCVB Channel 5,ABC.No copyright infringement intended. A NewsCenter 5 viewer sent in uncut video of a shootout
between police and at least one suspect in the streets of Watertown, Massachusetts.
MIT police officer killed; reports of gunfight, explosions
An MIT police officer was shot and killed Thursday night. In addition, police were led on a chase into Watertown, where a gunfight and explosives were detonated.
The shooting is happening at Laurel and Dexter in Watertown.

Police warn people in Boston suburb not to open doors 19 Apr 2013 Massachusetts State Police warned people in the Boston suburb of Watertown not to open their doors and said they would conduct a door-to-door, street-by-street search due to what it called a fluid situation. It was not immediately clear what connection the warning may have to the Boston Marathon bombings.
MBTA service suspended; Boston colleges cancel classes 19 Apr 2013 Several Boston area colleges have canceled classes for the day and the MBTA system has been suspended while police conduct a massive manhunt for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that classes have been cancelled and employees will be allowed to stay home from work Friday following the fatal shooting of a campus officer by the marathon suspects. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation tweeted Friday morning that all modes of transportation are suspended until further notice.
Boston transit shut down, nearly 1 million sheltering in place amid terror hunt 19 Apr 2013 The entire city of Boston was put on lockdown Friday morning by the Massachusetts governor as police searched for the second of two men believed to have been involved in the marathon bombings earlier this week. Gov. Deval Patrick said people should shelter in place as authorities engaged in a "massive manhunt" -- an extraordinary order that affected nearly one million people. The second suspect was shot and killed. Police searched the Watertown neighborhood door to door on foot and in patrol cars early Friday morning. Residents were asked to call 911 if anyone other than police came to doors in the neighborhood.
All Boston Residents Should Stay Indoors, Governor Says --One Boston Bombing Suspect Is Dead, Second at Large; Area on Lockdown 19 Apr 2013 One of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings was killed early Friday morning after leading the police on a wild chase following the fatal shooting of a campus police officer, while the other was sought in a massive manhunt that shut down large parts of the area. Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts said residents of Boston and its neighboring communities should "stay indoors, with their doors locked." The two suspects were identified by law enforcement officials as brothers from Chechnya... The manhunt for the surviving bombing suspect sent the Boston region into the grip of a security emergency: residents of the city and the surrounding area were urged to stay indoors, as hundreds of police officers conducted a manhunt and all public transit services was suspended.
Search for bombing suspect focuses on 20-block area in Watertown --President Obama is briefed on events 19 Apr 2013 Heavily armed tactical police are searching a 20-block area of this community for one of the suspects in the deadly Boston Marathon terror bomb attacks, a State Police spokesman said. The search comes after a chaotic, violent night in which a second suspect died in a firefight with police, and one police officer was killed and another was seriously wounded. Local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, including the Secret Service, are searching. K-9 teams, explosives experts, and SWAT officers are involved, said State Police spokesman David Procopio.
Boston locked down for massive manhunt; one bombing suspect killed by police, the other at-large 19 Apr 2013 One suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings was killed in a confrontation with police and the second was the target of a massive manhunt that left Boston and several suburbs in a state of lockdown Friday morning, authorities said. One security officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was killed after a confrontation with the suspects Thursday night, and a transit officer was critically wounded, police said.
No-fly zone over Watertown 19 Apr 2013 The Federal Aviation Administration shut down airspace over a Boston neighborhood Friday morning to give police a "safe environment for law-enforcement activities" as the house-to-house manhunt continued for the second suspect in the deadly Boston Marathon attacks. The agency issued a 3.5 nautical mile, roughly 4 miles, radius temporary flight restriction over Watertown early Friday morning up to 3,000 feet. Effective immediately, no pilot may operate an aircraft in the restricted area until further notice.
Boston in lockdown as 1 bombing suspect killed, 1 on run --Recent updates: Massive police operation underway in several Boston neighbourhoods and suburbs --1 killed after shootout with police, 1 at large --Residents should stay inside, businesses told to remain closed --Public transit across Boston shut down for massive manhunt 19 Apr 2013 Boston officials have extended to the whole city an order that residents remain inside their homes behind locked doors during the search for one of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. Earlier this morning, the other suspect was killed after a shootout with police that followed a robbery and carjacking... The lockdown, which initially applied to just a number of areas and neighbourhoods west of Boston, was extended to the whole city Friday morning.
Boston Bombing Suspect Killed in Shootout 19 Apr 2013 U.S. authorities on Friday locked down the Boston area in the hunt for one of two Russian-born brothers of Chechen background suspected in Monday's Boston Marathon bombings. Authorities identified one suspect was identified as 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a confrontation with police in Watertown, Mass., according to a U.S. law-enforcement official. A manhunt was on for the second suspect, identified as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19 years old. Both brothers were believed to be involved in the fatal shooting of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer during a chaotic series of events Thursday night. The hunt for the younger Mr. Tsarnaev prompted a broad shutdown of public facilities in the Boston area.
Cal State L.A. evacuated, campus closed after bomb threat 18 Apr 2013 The Cal State Los Angeles campus in El Sereno was closed and evacuated Thursday after a bomb threat, officials said. Mike Uhlenkamp, director of media relations for Cal State, confirmed that the campus would be evacuated until further notice. Additional details weren't immediately available, but the school sent two tweets about 12:45 p.m. announcing the closure.
Pakistan police take former president Musharraf into custody 19 Apr 2013 Pakistani police took former president [George W. Bush crony] Pervez Musharraf into custody on Friday to face allegations he overstepped his powers while in office, marking a dramatic break with a political culture in which military rulers have remained untouchable. The one-time army chief had hoped to rekindle a degree of influence by standing at general elections in May, but has instead become ensnared in a showdown with judges who fought bruising battles with him while he was still in office. "He's been shifted to a police guest house for two days of remand," Mohammad Amjad, Musharraf's spokesman, told Reuters.
Bolivia's president says US planning coup in Venezuela 17 Apr 2013 Bolivia's President Evo Morales says the United States is planning to stage a coup in Venezuela, condemning Washington’s questioning of the Venezuelan presidential election results as interference. "I am certain that behind those remarks, the United States is preparing a coup d’état in Venezuela," said Morales. In a press conference on Tuesday, the Bolivian president said that the US is getting ready for a coup d’état in Venezuela. He also rejected the White House’s moral authority to question electoral results worldwide, after Washington demanded Caracas to hold a full vote recount. [LOL! The US has *zero* moral authority on 'elections' -- or any other topic, for that matter.]
TVA president on uncertified parts in nuclear plants: 'This should not have happened' 19 Apr 2013 The new president of the Tennessee Valley Authority says he's worried over a failure to properly vet parts used at several of its nuclear power plants. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission stepped up oversight of TVA last month over required quality checks. Every last piece of a nuclear plant has to have proof it's up to snuff, says TVA president Bill Johnson. "These can be pretty simple parts like light switches... we're not talking about big major nuclear parts."
7.0-magnitude hits off Japan's Hokkaido 19 Apr 2013 A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit off Japan's Hokkaido at around 12: 06 local time Friday, said Japan's Meteorological Agency. The epicenter was initially determined at 46.2 degree north latitude, 150.9 degree east longitude near Kuril Islands, with a depth of 10 km. The quake was registered 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 in north parts of Hokkaido.
Many bird flu patients had no contact with poultry, WHO says 19 Apr 2013 More than 50 percent of patients infected with a new type of bird flu in China had no contact with poultry, the World Health Organization said on Friday, further raising questions about whether the virus was transmitted between humans. The H7N9 virus has so far infected 87 people in China and killed 17, but it remains unclear how they contracted the disease. A Chinese official earlier this week said about 40 percent of patients had been in no contact with poultry. The WHO's China representative, Michael O'Leary, issued the new data, but said human-to-human transmission was rare.
'Total destruction' in deadly fertilizer blast 19 Apr 2013 State investigators would not confirm the number of deaths from Wednesday night's explosion, and the toll late Thursday was still uncertain. But in an interview with USA TODAY Thursday, West Mayor Tommy Muska said about 15 people, including many first responders, had died. As many as 160 others were injured in this small town 20 miles north of Waco. Federal and state investigators were awaiting clearance to enter the blast area to search for clues to the cause of both the initial fire and explosions.
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