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Monday, April 22, 2013

Is time short for the world we know and love?

Yes, it is.

Fireball over Argentina from the tail of Planet X (Nibiru); deafening roar, bright illuminated sky, frightened residents on April 21, 2013
The signs of the end times are there for those with eyes to see them. They affect every living thing on the planet. Yet, there are those who will not see. They say, “These calamities are nothing out of the ordinary. It’s always been this way,” or “It’s global warming,” even when natural disasters and global catastrophes are up more than 400 percent in two decades.
Are these the end times foretold by many – The Bible, Edgar Cayce (Sleeping Prophet), Nostradamus in his quatrains, and Mother Shipton (English soothsayer and prophetess)? Many of the predicted events are happening today.
Train derails in Bridgeport
Nebraska Train Derails in Bridgeport April 21, 3013

Governments are overwhelmed with disasters, natural and otherwise – earthquakes, floods, landslides, collapsing and exploding buildings, and fireballs pummeling earth. People are threatened, concerned, and afraid, and rightly so.

Mississippi RiverFlooding-Overflows its Banks (Video)

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End time prophecies Is time short for the world we know and love ...
Is time short for life on earth as we know and love it? Yes, it is. Governments are overwhelmed with disasters, natural and otherwise – earthquakes, floods, ...

Train derails in Bridgeport:

SpaceWatchtower: Huge Fireball, Thunderous Roar & Explosion ...…3/04/huge-fireball...
Huge fireball lights sky, thunderous roar & explosion in Argentina: New normal? fireballmeteors; April 21, 2013; By: Barbara Schneider;

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Argentina Bolide ...…04/argentina...
Meteor in Argentina (21/4/2013) the lights along five provinces ... April (56) Argentina Bolide Meteor Fireball 21APR2013; Meteors April 22, ...

Fireball Explodes Over Northern Argentina; Causes Minor ...…fireball-explodes-over...
Fireball Explodes Over Northern Argentina; ... Sunday, April 21, 2013Fireball Explodes Over Northern Argentina; Causes Minor Earthquake | UFO NEWS | VIDEO

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  1. Vegan chick12:08 PM

    Your blog is really amazing, something is going on, I don't know what it is.
    I'm stunned by this meteor.
    Nice job, have a great week!


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