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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Muslim Cleric: "More Bombings can be Expected"

Egyptian Cleric: Boston Bombing Was Meant To Deliver A Message, More Bombings Can Be Expected Elsewhere

Oddly enough, the Al-Qaeda-loving Salafi cleric below claims that the Boston “pressure cooker” bombs could not have been done by Al-Qaeda because it was “amateurish” and not up to Al-Qaeda’s “standards.”  He apparently forgot to read Al-Qaeda’s 2010 issue of “Inspire” magazine encouraging that “pressurized cooker [bombs] be placed in crowded areas and left to blow up” and that “more than one of these could be planted to explode at the same time” …

Egyptian Salafi Cleric Sheik Murgan Salem, 4/16/2013: “In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Obviously, I do not know who carried out that operation, but if it was done by the mujahideen, it serves as a message to the America and the West: We are still alive. Contrary to what you say, we have not died. The (Americans) wanted to send a message to the entire world that they finished off the mujahideen – not just the mujahideen of Al-Qaeda, but the mujahideen all over the world… it was meant as a clear message to America and to the West… I do not know who did it, but they have managed to get the message across: We can reach you whenever and wherever we want.” Listen to more below.

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