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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Globalists Using North Korea as Fuse to Start..

A Conflagration of Biblical Proportions

By Ken Jorgustin at Modern Survival Blog - 6 hours ago

The West needs to realize that North Korea is under new leadership. The blowhard days of Kim Jung Il are over, and little is known about his son, Kim Jong Un.
So far, the young dictator has followed through on everything he said he would do.

To assume that the son will be exactly like the father is folly.

We should take the North Korean situation seriously…
Not because of the wild-eyed propaganda of the mainstream media
Not because they are “doing business with terrorists”
Not because they are a “violent and barbaric relic of nationalism”
but because a war in North Korea serves the more malicious interests of globalization.

by Brandon Smith
with permission to Modern Survival

Whenever discussion over North Korea arises in Western circles, it always seems to be accompanied by a strange mixture of sensationalism and indifference. The mainstream media consistently presents the communist nation as an immediate threat to U.S. national security, conjuring an endless number of hypothetical scenarios as to how they could join forces with Al-Qaeda and attack with a terroristic strategy. At the same time, the chest puffing of the late Kim Jong-iL and the standard fare of hyper-militant rhetoric on the part of the North Korean government in general seem to have lulled the American public into a trance of non-concern.

In the midst of the latest tensions with the North Koreans, I have found that most people are barely tracking developments and that, when confronted by the idea of war, they shrug it off as if it is a laughable concept. “Surely” they claim, “The North is just posturing as they always have.”
The mainstream view being espoused by globalist-minded politicians and corporate oligarchs with an agenda is that North Korea is a nuclear armed monstrosity ready to use any subversive means necessary to strike the United States. The idea that the North is working closely with Al-Qaeda has been suggested in everything from White House briefings to cable news to movies and television. The concept of pan-global terrorist collusion and the cartoon-land “axis of evil” has been prominent in our culture since the Administration of George W. Bush. It has even been making a resurgence lately in the MSM, which presented countries like Iran, Syria And North Korea as the primary culprits interfering with the success of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.
With the ever looming threat of famine comes the ever looming threat of citizen revolution. 

When any government is faced with the possibility of being supplanted, it will almost always lash out viciously in order to maintain power and control, no matter the cost. Sanctions like those being implemented by the West against North Korea today, at the very edge of national famine, could destabilize the country entirely. I believe the North would do anything to avoid an internal insurgency scenario, including attacking South Korea to acquire food stores and energy reserves, as well as other tangible modes of wealth.

North Korea’s standing army, obtained through mandatory two year conscription, is estimated at about 1.1 million active personnel; very close to the numbers active in the U.S. armed forces. But North Korean reserves are estimated at more than 8 million, compared to only 800,000 in the United States. If made desperate by economic sanctions, the North Koreans could field a massive army that would wreak havoc in the South and be very difficult to root out on their home turf. Asian cultures have centuries of experience using asymmetric warfare (the kryptonite of the U.S. military), and I do not believe it is wise to take such a possible conflict lightly, as many Americans seem to do. It is easy to forget that the last Korean War did not work out so well for us. At best, we would be mired in on-ground operations for years (just like Iraq and Afghanistan) or perhaps even decades. Like North Korea, we also do not have the logistical economic means to enter into another such war.
~End excerpts
Jack says:

Kim Jong Un has followed through on his threats so far. If this remains true into the future, the latest threat should be taken with more than a yawn.
“North Korea dramatically escalated its warlike rhetoric on Thursday, warning it had authorized plans for nuclear strikes on targets in the United States.”
from KCNA,
“the Korean People’s Army general staff warned Washington that US threats would be smashed by cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means.”
This sounds like it could include to mean an EMP nuke, which is light and cutting edge. I remember they launched a “satellite” not too long ago. Once you can put an object in orbit, most of the world is in range. You just maneuver it and explode it where you want it.

The Bear and the Dragon

Comment written by joe schmo , April 03, 2013

Fantastic article. I would only add that a conflagration of Biblical proportions is now almost a certainty. The bigger picture here is the cascade effect of a military conflict being reignited on the Korean peninsula. I believe these recent actions by the North Koreans signal that we are now officially in the preliminary stages of a gestating third world war. All that's left is for the first missiles and/or artillery barrage to be launched. What happens to the status of our currency is irrelevant in the face of a potential global conflict involving nearly every nation on earth. 
Comment written by Sergio , April 03, 2013

What remains to be seen is if this latest escalation with the North is the hammer cocking, or the hammer falling.

North Korea has been specially positioned in our culture to be a fall-guy to globalist concerns at some point in the future. The humanitarian suffering in that country aside, North Korea has been demonized, humiliated, and scapegoated to no end by the American MSM.

It's a truism in global affairs that the elites are efficient in their messaging. Where one things appears over and over to drive home a point, that thing will ultimately fulfill its promise in the eyes of the socially conditioned. Americans have been readied for a war on the Korean Peninsula in the modern era for years and years.

Recent events in Europe and America suggest the pace of evil's advance is quickening, even to the point that many pundits in alternative media are battening down their hatches and claiming the die has been cast.

It is unfortunate that the Korean promise (read: war) is coinciding so fluidly with the economic exasperation being felt all around the developed world.


On a side note, I am surprised by the speed at which the United States has achieved its "Asian Pivot." My read on the culture, like others perhaps, was that the U.S. military was looking to engage in Asia sometime closer to 2020. We were brought up in the 90's to believe that war with China was inevitable, but that it was a prospect for 2025, about the same time we sent a man to Mars. 

Comment written by garden gritty , April 03, 2013

Everything the "globalists" have done/are doing/will continue to do (for a time!) is escalating very rapidly?

Every venue of human societies including medical healthcare with it's toxic drugs with molds and other destructive pathogens that cause more death and health destruction, failing currencies, destructive EMI/RFI energy (old technology being foisted as "new"), increasingly intense weather events, nations rising against nations and kingdoms rising against kingdoms - human destruction lies in their wake.

Our leaders have given over their control to the satanic beast.

According to biblical information - they will succeed - BUT only for a while. Satan will have his way and it will be very evil - for a time.

We only have hope in the living God Who has already warned us of these things ahead of time in His majestic Holy Scriptures.

This evil and wicked population will be ashes and stubble but not before they do great damage. It is astounding how evil and soulless and persevering they are for their self-absorbed, yet limited agenda. Satan does not let go easily and this is his big moment!

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