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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/24/2013 - Dutchsinse Website deemed "UNSAFE" by Facebook

Published on Apr 24, 2013
Upon uploading PROOF regarding a controversial scientific theory -- literally the moment it hit facebook --- my site became (quote facebook) .... "UNSAFE".

Heres the first post of many to be blocked:

Microwaves can induce a tornado -- tests done in the lab / proof: BLOCKED

HAARP rings direct hit: BLOCKED

Fracking in Oklahoma : BLOCKED

Can you believe it? A site dedicated to earth changes, weather, geoengineering, earthquakes, and space anomalies ---- being called UNSAFE? Labelled a spam? REQUIRING PASSWORDS TO SHARE?????

Almost seems like some people don't want this to get out... I wonder why?!


Below are several posts with explanations on the theory of NEXRAD RADAR pulses heating the atmosphere, causing severe weather:


past RADAR pulse / 'HAARP ring' / Scalar Square events documented here:

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