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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mississippi River Flooding-Overflows its Banks

April 20, 21, and now into the 22nd, 2013 -- heavy flooding picked up along the Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers.

Literally captured the moment the river began breaking its normal river banks -- flowing onto the road directly beneath the St. Louis Arch.

These multiple shots show the elevated river levels, and the large amount of debris being washed downstream.

Previous years river levels were RECORD low --- literally boats / barges unable to travel last years low waters.

This year, the banks are overflowing already (Mid April).. and we haven't even seen the full melt-off upstream yet.

Uploader Comments (dutchsinse)

  • mrlance727 
    is all of those trees normal??
  • dutchsinse 
    I personally have never seen that many trees in the river at once.. I grew up here and am in my mid 30's.... so In 30 years.. never seen it that full of debris
     ·  in reply to mrlance727

Top Comments

It is in the lower 90's degrees here in California & this part of the country along with other areas are still having floods, rain, cold...& the world has set a new record of 6.0+ earthquakes the past few years & the frequency of these 6.0+ has become daily over these past 3 to 4 weeks. Something big is coming, very soon

  • Major flooding northern Ontario, like never before, looks like it's going to be a bad year!
  • IdioticSystems 
    Not saying this has anything to do with the flooding Mississippi, but parts of the Rockies and northern central plains of the U.S. have been getting snow every day for a while. My house in Colorado has seen snow every day for the past nine or ten days and tonight we are forecasted for another half a foot. This past Friday, though, we experienced a huge melt off.
     ·  in reply to Tanya Creedon (Show the comment)
  • annieladysmith 
    Handy to use flooding, drought, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, and forest fires as weapons, who would ever suspect a war was going on....o, I forgot radiation.

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