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Friday, April 19, 2013

Massive hot water geyser erupts in parking lot in Russia

Massive hot water geyser erupts in parking lot in Russia

by The Extinction Protocol
April 19, 2013 – RUSSIA - Cameras in Russia seem to capture everything from fiery meteors to crazy crashes. The latest video comes from a camera mounted high above the main square in Smolensk, overlooking a busy parking lot on what appears to be a nice sunny day. It takes but seconds for a small cloud of steam, appearing harmless at first, to erupt into a hot water geyser rivaling Old Faithful. 
What you don't see from the video are the brick-sized chunks of pavement and rocks that were launched into the air and onto the surrounding vehicles. 
Within minutes, a large flow of water has flooded the parking area as the natural geyser continues to spew water and steam hundreds of feet into the air. 
If this happened in our backyard, we would hightail it out of town fearing another eruption of Vesuvian magnitude – yet the locals in Smolensk seem only slightly disrupted, continuing to seek open spots in the parking lot despite the odd chaos mere yards away. –Auto Blog
contribution Stephi M.
Published on Apr 11, 2013
Right in the middle of the city! Right in the middle of the working day!
  • Thank you BobbyR454 .
  • BobbyR454 
    It is a pressurized heated water pipe on the HVAC system that burst. Most of Russia is heated from centralized plants that supply heated water to the radiators in the buildings for heat, then in the summer months chilled water is circulated through the pipes for cooling. Very simple HVAC system used all over the world in either individual buildings or groups of buildings.
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  • zebb1111 
    I guess Russians don't panic like school girl americans.

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