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Friday, March 22, 2013

HomeLand Security & FEMA-"CLASSIFIED" Plans to Kill 80% of US Citizens

From a Facebook Posting:

Any time you hear Congress and Representatives reading an HR Bill and like we hear beeps  for profanity they use the word 'classified', that is a red alert... I have said this before there is coming according to the Lord. a severe persecution of the Lord's people and a separation of those that are really His and those that aren't via the Economic Mark of the Beast along with Concentration Camps etc... Genocide on a large scale... Do you know and understand the will of the Lord and His scriptures?
 Where is your heart at in the world and this system or things of the Lord? Listen to this:

Published on Jan 13, 2013
That is fucking CRAZY....and this is LIVE.....WTF We are doomed....if you really pay attention to what he says...sorta sounds like an Alien invasion, or trying to fight something off that comes here...NOT RIGHT AT can you vote on a bill you couldn't even hear cant vote on that...

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