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Monday, March 04, 2013

Mysterious Cracks, Sinkholes Everywhere

Is this a Sign of A Pole Shift? — 
Compilation from several sources:

"Red dragons" emerging from the ground in China, earth cracking up continues

"I've been fascinated with the pattern I've been seeing all over the globe regarding earth changes under the ground, at the crust. There have been so many mine explosions, cracks in the earth, sinkholes, and pipe breaks that by now, I am fully convinced they are part of the end time scenario. Since April, especially since the BP explosion, there have been sudden cracks in the earth all over the world that are affecting people in myriad ways."

It seems mysterious cracks are appearing all over. Is this a real sign that the Earth is coming apart? Or at least the outer crust is readying itself for a pole shift? Is it possible? When else have we seen such strange disasters all come together at once?
  • We’ve had a 9.0 earthquake in Japan, and earthquakes in New Zealand and Chile as well. Smaller earthquakes in Hawaii and Japan. We’ve had tsunamis in Japan and Thailand and Hawaii. And now a possible nuclear meltdown that could last for years. 
  • We’ve had all kind of birds falling out of the sky, dead. We’ve had all kinds of marine life floating up, all dead. All kinds of fish, seals, crabs, penguins, sardines, whales, bats, and more, all dead. And the numbers are in the millions. Even reports of mass cow deaths. Is this strange or what?
  • We have reports that indeed there is a 10th planet in our solar system, possibly Nibiru, which could be causing strange electromagnetic fluctuations. Could this be the cause of the birds and fish dying?
  • We have the sun beginning its peak season of sun flares, and will possibly get worse in the next year and half. This is the first time we will witness the full sun flare season with our ENTIRE electronic infrastructure system vulnerable.
  • The Earth will be, in 2012, at its closest to the Milky Way’s center and the black hole that reside there.
  • The Earth completes its procession on December 21, 2012.
  • We have the LHC, Tevatron, and HAARP firing up at all time energies and who knows what these guys are doing to the Earth, the atmosphere, the electromagnetic field of the Earth, causing earthquakes, creating mini black holes, who knows. Chemtrails are at an all time high as well. What kind of damage could they be causing?

Sinkhole - German town of Schmalkalden:

An aerial view of a large crater that appeared in the early hours in the central German town of Schmalkalden, November 1, 2010. A huge crater measuring 30 by 40 metres (98 by 131 feet ) has opened up in the middle of a residential estate early in the morning on Monday
Jun 17, 2012
Mysterious SinkHoles in Russian Forests. A strange phenomena is happening in some Russian forests. People are finding strange, deep holes. They appear in the dense forest, in the places you can't get on the car or truck to ...

Aug 12, 2012
Mysterious Sinkhole Louisiana Bayou Danger. Mysterious Environmental Disaster Unfolding in Louisiana Bayou Community atop Gas Storage Caverns PHOTO: Louisiana sinkhole. A large sinkhole is shown in this aerial ...

31 minutes ago
BAYOU CORNE — The Assumption Parish sinkhole is a lot like a living, breathing thing. More than 200 days after it mysteriously started swallowing up the swamp, hundreds of residents are still under a mandatory evacuation ...

Mar 02, 2013
BAYOU CORNE — The Assumption Parish sinkhole is a lot like a living, breathing thing. More than 200 days after it mysteriously started swallowing up the swamp, hundreds of residents are still under a mandatory evacuation ...

In China, an enormous sinkhole swallowed a playground, rendered a school unstable, and caused the evacuation of an entire neighborhood. Video at link. Photo below:

All this and more has happened recently. Are the cracks that have been appearing just normal earth changes or is it a sign that the Earth’s crust is getting ready to shift? 
I first posted about the large Peru crack on March 2 and now I find that there are more cracks seemingly all over.

Source article> Here
boliviaCracks have also been found in Bolivia. This also comes from pole Residents in Villa Rivero, on March 15, 2011 have been evacuated according to sources. Most have complied with the evacuation orders, but a few families refuse to leave, even as cracks appear in their homes. The cause may be heavy rains from the previous week. In 2010, an underground fire on a farm in the same area seems to be where cracks are appearing. Is this a sinkhole?
View source> Here
View Source> Here
Uploaded by Theydidthis on January 7, 2011 reported on FOX11 in October 2010

So where else has cracks appeared? How about Michigan. (see video above) In October 2010, a large crack appeared in the upper peninsula of Michigan, near Birch Creek. Since then, a professor has said that the crack was caused by a small earthquake. But who knows if that is really the cause. Another mysterious crack though. What is happening to the Earth?
View Source> Here
Africa CrackAnother giant crack appeared in Ethiopia, Africa in 2005, and did it in just days. People think that this is a precursor to a new ocean forming. After Dabbahu erupted, the crack appeared several months later. The African and Arabian plates seem to appear to be drifting away from each other. That certainly would cause cracks to appear.
View Source> Here
Photo: University of Rochester
Iceland lakeAnother mysterious crack is literally draining a lake, which occurred in 2001 in Iceland. People say you can put your ear to the ground and actually hear the lake draining. This was reported by National Geographic in October 2001. A “quiet” earthquake in June 2000, may be the cause, but more study needs to be performed to “crack” the enigma of this lake draining. And even a book has been written about it.


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Mysterious Cracks Everywhere:Is this a Sign of A Pole Shift? — Unsolved

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