The Pope, unsurprisingly, is a Catholic. And that means his views on gay marriage, contraception, abortion and women in the Church are all that you might expect them to be.
But there's a few things about Pope Francis that you may not expect. Here, The Huffington Post UK guides you through the top 10 interesting titbits about the new defender of the faith.
1. He only has one lung
According to the Associated Press, the new Pope had one of his lungs removed as a teenager, after a serious infection, because antibiotic treatments were not available at the time. It was a common practice, to stop the infection from spreading.
Although Pope Francis is unlikely to be able to swim underwater for any length of time, or belt out arias to compete with Pavarotti, living with one lung doesn't seem to have held him back.
2. He's not sure the Cardinals were right to pick him
As the Cardinals sat down after electing their new leader, Bergoglio said seriously: "May God forgive you," raising loud laughter, according to New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
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Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, second from left, travels on the subway in Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. He takes the bus
He rides a bus to work, and gave up his chauffeured limousine, wears an ordinary priest's robe and lives with an older priest in a simple apartment where he cooks his own meals, rather than live at the luxurious residence he was entitled to as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.
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