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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Sinkhole Warning Signs- Video

jcattera uploaded Video:
✔Sinkhole Warning Signs - March 2, 2013.

by jcattera
Source...ABC News

Here are some important things to look for if you're worried if you have a sinkhole under your home.
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!!!!! Warning !!!!! (Please don't read past this point if you don't want to know the real truth why these incidents are on the rise)...

Sinkhole Incidents On the Rise

Here is the latest on the Florida sinkhole from the LA Times. While the actual reason for the growing sinkhole is not noted, the size and placement of the article confirms ZT prediction that the media will have to acknowledge events related to the upcoming poleshift and the reality of Planet X aka Nibiru.,0,2835220.story

Uploader Comments (jcattera)

  • jcattera
    I just heard they shut down "CERN" recently. But it may be too late. Hopefully, we're not past the point of no return.
    Strange, they are still not showing any images of the sinkhole.
  • jcattera
    Very true. I'm wondering if this thing will grow in size like the one in Louisiana.
     ·  in reply to SLORRIFJART321

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