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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Psalm 83 War about to Usher in the AntiChrist?

The Anti-Christ Identity? Can we know it now?

by Gina Suzanne at What in the world?! - 4 hours ago


Barack Obama as a Roman Ruler.
*Obama is now in the Mideast, purposefully stirring up a hornet's nest with his "2 state" rhetoric. * 

*He is deliberately sowing division amongst the Israeli people themselves, trying to exert pressure on Netanyahu to comply with his demands. 

Also, he is effectively enraging the Arabs about the "unjust occupation" of "THEIR" land. 

When Obama soon departs the Mideast, the Palestinian's dream of a political entity handing over Israel's land on a silver platter, will depart as well. 

They will realize that the United Nations couldn't force Israel and that now, even Obama who 

First Uploaded on Jan 18, 2009
Jack Van Impe says he has recieved insider information from the Bilderberg meetings that Obama has been picked to be the Leader of A One World Government Called The New World Order. " WHAT WAS REVEALED IS SHOCKING "

already depicts himself as ruler of the world, cannot force Israel.

Due to this, they will recognize that Israel's Land will NEVER be theirs, unless they take it by FORCE.

Obama is skillfully pitting these people groups against one another so as to set the stage for the Psalm 83 War.

He has cleverly opened the wound of "Palestinian statehood", scrubbed it and poured gas into it.

He also has opened the Iran nuclear situation wide open to where Israel was just warned by Iran:

"...would annihilate the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa if it were attacked by Israel.."

Psalm 83 Coalition-

Tents of Edom = [descendents of Esau] Palestinian Refugees and Southern Jordanians

Ishmaelites = Saudi Arabians

Moab = Palestinian Refugees and Central Jordanians

Hagrites = Egyptians

Gebal = Northern Lebanese

Ammon = Palestinian Refugees and Northern Jordanians

Amalek = Arabs South of Israel

Philista = Palestinian Refugees and Hamas of Gaza Strip

Inhabitants of Tyre = Hezbollah and Southern Lebanese

Assyria = Syrians and perhaps Northern Iraqis included

Children of Lot = Moab and Ammon=Palestinian Refugees and Central and Northern Jordanians

Important to note: Israel has developed a strategy if she is attacked by weapons of mass destruction (WMD's).

This protective move is named after Samson in the Bible. 

Like Samson, who killed himself in order to destroy his enemies, Israel has the "Samson Option". 

This is the military strategy wherein: 

Israel would respond with massive retaliation according to the "alleged deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a "last resort" against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence, and possibly against other targets as well"

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What are the similarities and differences between the Roman Civilization and the United States?

What are the similarities and differences between the Roman Civilization and the United States?

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The Anti-Christ Identity? Can we know it now?

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