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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did HAARP Hit Phobos Grunt? Conspiracy MARS

by ahrcanum

What’s twisting our antenna,

December 21, 2011?

Did HAARP hit the Phobos-Grunt Probe?  Probably not, but put your tinfoil hats on anyway.
Soyuz expedition 30
A Soyuz rocket launched successfully from the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome this morning on its way to the ISS.  We woke up early to watch a beautiful launch. The Russian Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft  is also known by its US designation of 29S.
On December 17, 2010,  from the new $800 million facility in French Guiana, "A Russian Soyuz rocket fired six satellites into space Friday, launching missions to serve defense agencies in Europe and Chile with high-resolution imagery and electronic intelligence."
In the post Shuttle era it is a huge sigh of relief.  In August, an unmanned Progress cargo ship headed for the space station crashed – the rocket that failed was the same kind used by the Soyuz. 
The rocket that launched Phobos was a Zenit-2.
Project Enoch - 

The Fobos-Grunt or Phobos-Grunt or just Phobos  is an attempted Russian probe that was designed to collect rock and samples from one of Mars' moons Phobos, and bring them back to Earth to study.  It also carries China's first Mars satellite, Yinhou-1.  A pretty ambitious effort considering this is Russia 16th failed mission attempt to the Red Planet. 
Phobos was launched on 9 November 2011 at 02:16 local time (8 November 2011, 20:16 UTC)  from the Cosmodrome. Apparently, subsequent rocket burns intended to set the craft on a course for Mars failed, leaving it stranded in low Earth orbit. It's stuck around 201km perigee and 275 km apogee giving skywatchers plenty of looks.
Skywatcher Phobos-Grunt Photo
Sky watcher Ralf Vandebergh snapped this shot of the stranded Russian Mars probe Phobos-Grunt on Nov. 29, 2011, from the southern Netherlands.
CREDIT: Ralf Vandebergh  View full size image  pix link-
At about two and a half hours into the mission, something went haywire and it is now expected to mostly burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.  So why the failure?
Eleven minutes after launch, it was in an elliptical orbit around 345km above the Earth.  In the attempt to raise the orbit and get Phobos on its mission to Mars, two firings from the probes 13 tons of hydrazine fueled tanks were planned. 
Russian Space agency officials say neither burn took place.
The Phobos-Grunt That Wasn't. A Roscosmos rendering of Phobos-Grunt approaching Mars and its moon Phobos. Roscosmos
Along comes an amateur astronomy taking a mediocre video that captures what appears to be Phobos with an unidentified object nearby.
Video of the "Phobos - Grunt Engine Burn - Failed - Passage pelo Brasil - retido na órbita,"  The video appears to show a red flare on a supposed Phobos and another dropping object at about a minute in.
Two Objects in Orbit from amateur satellite watcher Ted Molczan
I have just received word from the project that there seems to be a serious problem.
After the planned first burn of the engine, the spacecraft was not found in the predicted orbit. Alternative radar
observations preliminarily show that there are two objects in the orbit with parameters the same as before the planned
engine burn. Observers are requested to attempt to discover the spacecraft in the initial LEO parking orbit.
This is the official pre-launch estimated TLE of the LEO parking orbit:
1 55500U 11000A   11312.95486111 -.00010748  00000-0 -11606-4 0    14
2 55500  51.4279   0.6058 0106375  25.7555 298.8256 15.98414689    33
I imagine that one of the two objects seen on the radar could be the final stage of the booster. Accurate descriptions
and counts of the number of objects seen, as well as position and time would be useful.
Ted Molczan
That  makes TWO REPORTS OF TWO OBJECTS near Phobos in Earth's orbit.
Want to go for THREE REPORTS of Objects Near Phobos?
Here in Brazil some observers reported that they observed the probe in the
"illuminated phase" of the expected path.
But one of my colleagues (called Heverton) that lives in the city of
Umuarama of state of Paraná (south of Brazil -
**), makes a report at 23:00 (UT)that saw
two objects in the orbit, in the own words:
"I saw, but I found odd. First I saw a point a little slow, but I think it was
the ISS. Then I saw Phobos and right behind it a point with a light a little
weaker. I think it was the remains of the rocket??
If my eyes not deceived me, I saw the light getting a little stronger
at the estimated
time of ignition. Too bad I can do any record"*
I asked more accurate details about the observation and today he wrote:
"Accurately I can not say anything, but I saw it from about 20:55:30 and
20:57:00 (22:55:30 and 22:57:00 UT) . The brightness of the probe was greater
than the ISS shines normally, but much less bright than it was Jupiter. The
position, the best I can remember I tried to sketch with the help of
Carlos Bella
ROSCOSMOS home page is quiet on Phobos and the objects.  Vladimir Popovkin has not been and has said, "The probe will break up during reentry into the atmosphere and none of the fragments are likely to reach Earth."
Yeah. Okay.
It was reported on December 6 buy columnist Leonard David from Space Insider that, "Pieces of the spacecraft had begun breaking off and re-entering the atmosphere with the rest of it expected to follow by early January. After consulting with Russian mission managers, the European Space Agency has stopped attempting to communicate with the vehicle, with one analyst noting that the mission "appears dead in the water".-
Was Phobos attacked by aliens?  There are hundreds of satellites besides this one to assail.  Was it the fact that we were about to invade Mars with an Earth species?  Oh, yes we were.  The Living Interplantetary Flight Experiment (LIFE) from The Planetary Society stored a package of micro-organisms onboard in the return capsule.  The bacterium Deinoccus radiodurans, a tiny microscopic invertebrate with eight legs and is known for its ability to survive high doses of radiation.

Project Enoch - 
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  1. Still Russia is the best and they are on their own. USA on the other side have world best scientists from all over the world working for NASA. I again want to see Russians united and become USSR again. They are the one who placed space station.


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