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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Alien Christmas Scene causing a Scene

Uploaded by on Dec 24, 2011
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"Just saying "Alien nativity" is enough to get some people uncomfortable.
For one Portland artist, that is part of the point.

A former NE Portland church is decked out this holiday season for a 3-D journey that is, intentionally, confusing and provocative.

Instead of three wise men, there are four alien magi. There's also a a shaman Santa clause.

Artist Matt Henderson is the one behind the unusual display.

At the end of an unusual journey like this, you might expect to see an alien baby.

"You wind up seeing a reflection of yourself, and that's the point."

Henderson says the purpose of the exhibit is get people to reflect on the potential they have within themselves.

What does he say about people who might be offended?
"It's not for everyone, in that sense," said Henderson."
But there's no proof... Just peoples' accounts.

In the infamous words of the UFO Guy from the Chicago O'hare local news interview, when questioned by a reporter about the existence of ALieNs:

Reporter: "But there's no proof! Just peoples' accounts."

UFO Guy: "You're right, there's no proof... but... There's no proof of Jesus. That's just kinda the way I see things." ;D
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Uploader Comments ( Sheilaaliens )

  • i'm sh0cked that anyone finds this "offensive" in this day and age. I mean really? wtf ! lol! Maybe it's cause I live in Arizona, I dunno but this is just a quirky, interesting and fun-thought/discussion provoking little thing and I'd totally check it out if I was from the area. the focus isn't on ANTI-Christianity .. the focus seems to be on not being afraid to be different, strange or unique and to 'think for yourself', trust in yourself, etc. and glow in the dark all the while.

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1 comment:

  1. I responded to a Christmas text message on my Android cellphone from my sister with "Love from Dee and Roy".. The Android converted it to "Love from the Android."

    It's all about him, I guess.

    Or maybe he really meant it!



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