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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Occupy? Whatrever dude..

One of the 72 Law/Order/SVU/CSI/IBS type shows was attempting to tape an episode about Occupy Wall Street encampments but were shut down when the actual Occupy group complained. Yep, they didn’t like how the movement was being portrayed. Hmmmm perhaps they didn’t show enough rapes and sexual assaults? Glenn reacts to the apparent new sheriff in town: Occupy.
“Occupy Wall Street who claims to be able to speak anything they want, anywhere they want, they’ve occupied these spaces for months and months on end now, LA Law wanted to film an episode that had a fake Occupy Wall Street set and they put up tents and they put up even the library and they put it up in a park that was somewhat near the real thing, and Occupy Wall Streeters, the real ones, came and protested and made such a big deal out of it, NYPD had to come down. They shut down the production of LA Law and the City revoked their permit for filming because Occupy Wall Street didn’t want it there. And they wanted to avoid some sort of confrontation, violence, bloodbath, who knows,” Pat explained.
“Law and Order that did the episode on me where I was inciting a killer,” Glenn said. “A guy went out and he murdered some people, I don’t know exactly what it was, I never saw it, and they made me the guy who inspired this killer.”
“Remember when we, the whole bunch of us went down and protested Law and Order then, though? Remember that?” Pat joked, mocking the ‘Occupy’ protesters.

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    We've heard, seen and listened...time to call it quits.  I'm tired of hearing about the OWS.   It's a movement whose time is over.
  • mikaela3154
    Soros thinks he can create a BAND OF ZORROS all over the USA & we wouldn't find out that he is the MACHINE BEHIND THE WHOLE THING!!! FILTHY BASTARD! thought he could TRICK the American people into believing that his "ZORROS" were just a bunch of GREAT KIDS trying to find JUSTICE FOR THE rest of the POOR COLLEGE KIDS, that felt OPPRESSED by the rich given them no other ALTERNATIVE BUT REBELT AGAINST A SYSTEM THAT IS BEEN TRYING TO SUPPRESSED THEM INTO THE NOTHINGLESS!!! What a JOKE!!
  • anarohah
    Are more people realizing what is going on in America? This is really incredible. When, some of the MSM will be honest recognizing their responsibility helping this hypocritical socialist experiment?
  • I feel like organizing a bunch of protesters to demand that the LA Law episode be aired. I'll threaten a confrontation/violence/blood bath if they don't do what MY protesting mafia wants. I'll call it "Occupy OWS".
  • athrun77
    Wow .I'm not exactly sure what to view them as now? Are they modern brown shirts walking down the street beating up pro Israel supporters and capitalists? Or are they the new Mafia in town squatting in Zucotti park where you have to go to city hall to meet with the OWS Godfather Michael Bloomberg. Hey LA Law, did he make you an offer you can't refuse? or did you like Joseph Goebbels bow and lick the feet of the OWS Fuhrer's local morale officer? Hey real New York Mafia members, are you going to take them to the mattresses or let them steel your protection rackets? I hope these lemmings realize that the people using them will eventually send out a night of long knives on them as soon as they've outlived their usefulness. Red Shirt, Brown shirt, Black shirt, Purple shirt, Green Shirt, No shirt (and no bath either) Your still tyrants to me.
  • Kolodzczjzyk
    Athrun, can you say overweening jackasses?  I went to see these "demonstrations" for myself.  I went twice to Zuccotti Park.  Seldom (or never) have I seen such spoiled brats with time on their hands immitating something out of a third rate movie on the '60s radicals.  My personal view of them was that they all needed a bath, a change of underwear, and a life. None of them had the slightest idea what they were doing there other than it was a "happening".
  • Thanks Kolodzczjzlyk for bearing witness to what you saw. That can not be dismissed. Eye witness accounts are viewed as first sources.
  • Kolodzczjzyk
    You're welcome. Thanks for responding.
  • Bill Ayers Obama's terrorist pal, is advocating OWS use violence on loony left internet show Wild Wild Left Radio RIGHT NOW!!! Call in and jam their lines
  • So OWS has shut down a legit operation to film a TV series? At the least in this one case?

    Remember, these people we are dealing with are led and organized by professional rabble rousers, organizers of the communities, thugs and anarchists. They wish to bring chaos and mob rule to the streets; so the 'new order' can be imposed on everyone in the nation, like it or not.

    Look what Van Jones declared "We must force the President to do what he knows must be done."

    Tie this in with the new legislation that passed the Senate the other day, in which based on how it is interpreted the DOJ can sweep up any US Citizen and throw away the key; down the dark hole you go  and no one come out.

    Even look with a article yesterday about Al Gore interviewed with one of the Watergate reporters; in which Gore claims only 1% of what happened in the Clinton years was ever revealed. So the other 99% is still shuttered away from sight...

    See the symbology he speaks of...99%', 1%

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  1. I wonder if people really understand what's happening in America this days? To me it's just inconceivable. They should take responsibility for they actions as soon as possible.

  2. I remember hearing A LOT about OWS..
    and even though they have good points i think it all was lasting too long


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