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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Detractors, we hope you're satisfied now.


Uploaded by on Dec 14, 2011
here is the search on my name -- notice the top sites return NOTHING but negative information about me... top several sites.. godlikeproductions, abovetopsecret, and several others.. offer nothing but total lies and falsehoods about me ( Michael Yuri Janitch = dutchsinse )

Lets address these claims...

Im NOT a fraud.. I have never faked or photoshopped any information, to top it off EVERY video I make has the material sourced and linked below the video , so people can go look for themselves, to see what I'm talking about.

I'm not a paid schill. I'm not independently wealthy, or a trust fund recipient. I don't make ANY money from my videos, radio, tv, or print content. I have NO sponsors, corporations, movie deals, or book deals.

I'm NOT mentally disabled or on social security disability.

I'm not selling underground bunkers.

My youtube channel was not "planned or staged" in any way.

I had ONE TV show offer on the discovery channel, which I got slammed across the internet for agreeing to be on (although they did record me, they did not pay me, or end up using the footage due to "controversy" .. that was their words not mine).

I was not sponsored or paid in any way to take radiation measurements... (the radiation trip was paid for by donations and out of my own pocket.. which literally took EVERY last cent from my bank account and got me about 235.00 in negative fees).

I have never taken anyones work in regards to HAARP rings or earthquakes (not that there was any real HAARP ring weather forecastingwork before I came along anyways.. LOL) And the earthquake data I provide is public access.. no one else does earthquake forecasts in the manner I do them.. and again.. I provide all the links.

I DO have a college education (in a field unrelated to meteorology, or geology) certifications in information technology, specifically Hardware systems design. I attended (but did not graduate)... I am not particularly proud of my educational performance of the past -- but hindsight is 20/20. Maybe a degree in geology might settle some of this debate (which I intend to complete in the next few years).

Finally, I am not an internet panhandler.. I do NOT beg for donations or even ASK for them.. I created a button on my page where people could click and donate IF THEY WISH.. with NO PRESSURE (or even commentary) from me. I only ONCE asked for help.. that was to purchase the GEIGER COUNTER which was WAY out of my price range.. and I thanked everyone who donated to help get the counter or take the measurements on the trip across the USA (I even stayed with several viewers .. strangers LOL!! keep costs of the trip to a minimum).

I have had my life threatened, my personal information released.. my address, cell phone number, home phone number, bank account information, social security number, and even the COORDINATES TO MY FRONT DOOR ON GOOGLE EARTH have been released on the internet or in video on youtube !!! My extended family has been threatened, and even THEIR information released.

On an extreme note.. I was labelled a terrorist on the DHS homeland security blog, my house has been flown over multiple times per day by military and police helicopter (seen on camera to prove multiple HOURS per day circling MY HOUSE ONLY)... Ive been contacted by the US military (marine Captain in California at 29 palms base).. Ive had strange calls in the middle of the night .. threatening text messages and voicemails left on my phone.. Ive had my websites hacked and deleted.. and even received a package in the mail at my IN LAWS HOUSE that was quite disgusting.

All in all.. how could ANYONE blame me for being to the point where I am at now... imagine it.. and to think IM PAYING FOR IT out of my own pocket to keep it going !






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Blogger Dee note: Being an internet blogger myself, I can sympathize with how difficult it is to cover even a part of the expenses.  The more truth we publish, the more detractors we attract.  Everybody deserves to earn a living!

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