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Friday, December 30, 2011

Time Is Running Out For Our Food Supply ...

Time Is Running Out For
Our Food Supply ...

I think everyone awake at this point in history would agree that we live in "interesting" times...
The biggest crisis looming over the horizon for all of us right now is the food crisis.
The time of getting your food from the super-market every week is quite simply coming to an end. As inflation and oil prices sky-rocket, food shortages are already a reality, and at one point, the food will simply stop coming.
All the arable land in North America is being destroyed by devastating farming practices...Monsanto's GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds, and pesticides, which are depleting the soil, poisoning our bodies, poisoning our fresh water, and killing beneficial insects(bees) vital to our survival on this planet.... all at an alarmingly rapid rate.
The main underground water reserves in the central USA(where most of the food comes from), are pretty much depleted, 2011 will be a devastating year in terms of food supply.
Record high oil prices as a result of the collapse of the U.S. dollar, and war in the middle east, will lead torecord high food prices in 2011
Never mind the shortages, the stuff in the stores isn't edible either way. 1 in 3 people in America now get cancer. Eating conventional produce is the equivalent of eating styrofoam, there are no nutrients left in the soil. And even organic produce is now being affected...
To add insult to injury, our skies are being constantly sprayed with Barium and Aluminum through government operated Chem-trail programs which are no longer a secret "conspiracy theory", but obvious, just look at the skies(see picture to the right)
Aluminum is showing up in soil all over the planet in shocking quantities, and plants are beginning to die...

Through conventional farming, we have successfully destroyed most of the arable land, in most places, food simply isn't growing anymore. 

Chemtrails like this, filled with Barium and Aluminum, are now a common site all over North America, why are they poisoning us? 

Aluminum is showing up in soil all over the planet in shocking quantities...

All this, and for many other reasons, is why it’s important for anyone who’s awake to the times, to start remembering “the old wisdom”, and begin growing your own real food... but how?
How do you start growing real healing food in such a polluted environment? Biodynamics holds the keys to this problem:

Rudolf Steiner Had The Solution 100 Years Ago
During The Last Agricultural Disaster...
Times of famine and suffering aren’t new to this planet, what we are experiencing now was similar by events many years ago after World War 1
After the war, many farmers weren't’t able to grow food. The soil was dead in many areas due to warfare, chemical weapons and a host of other problems. Farmers were starving, and desperate, and turned to this man:Rudolf Steiner.
He was an Austrian genius scientist and philosopher, unknown to most people, Steiner changed the world in many areas, his greatest contribution is to agriculture.
During this time of agricultural disaster, Steiner gave a series of 8 very important lectures which have since become famous, and the foundation ofBiodynamic Farming.

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian genius scientist, and philosopher who made incredible breakthroughs in various fields.

After Farmers Implemented What Steiner Taught Them... Magically, Everything Came Back to Life...

Above: Light of Day farm is Michigan's Only Certified Biodynamic Farm.
You can feel the magic of this place just from the picture...

Using his methods the farmers of Europe were able to restore their land and start thriving again. However, another war soon followed, with the dawn of modern day "for profit" chemical based agriculture shortly after, much of Steiner's secrets were buried and forgotten, until the last 2 decades...
Biodynamic Farming is seriously the real deal when it comes to restoring the planet.

Read more: BioFarming

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    "At one point, the food will simply stop coming"
    That sounds so creepy... Indeed, we don't think about the trouble until trouble starts troubling us. One day we can just wake up and realize that there's no food around to feed our kids! Thanks for the post, it made me thinking
    Helen, family tree maker free


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