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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Many 4+ Mag Earthquakes Suddenly

Click for Large Iris Seismic Monitor (Dynamic)

30-OCT-2011 03:23:4625.36122.915.5226.3TAIWAN REGION

30-OCT-2011 18:53:43          -25.81-70.57   5.731.4NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE

30-OCT-2011 10:57:58-14.36-75.954.820.6NEAR COAST OF PERU
30-OCT-2011 02:10:46-9.38-75.374.926.3CENTRAL PERU
29-OCT-2011 18:24:410.13-77.404.323.8COLOMBIA-ECUADOR BORDER REGION
29-OCT-2011 13:50:49-0.13-78.374.03.0ECUADOR

30-OCT-2011 06:28:5015.41-90.314.4303.9GUATEMALA
30-OCT-2011 03:24:5913.69-91.344.348.0NEAR COAST OF GUATEMALA

30-OCT-2011 13:25:1939.60-120.474.114.0NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

30-OCT-2011 05:48:57-17.04-178.324.8550.8FIJI ISLANDS REGION
30-OCT-2011 01:44:25-16.35-175.534.4319.5TONGA ISLANDS

30-OCT-2011 15:34:05-9.52158.644.710.0SOLOMON ISLANDS
29-OCT-2011 07:34:53-14.59167.224.8144.4VANUATU ISLANDS
29-OCT-2011 00:57:20-10.63165.015.051.4SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

30-OCT-2011 04:01:27-5.49147.274.6197.0EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G.
30-OCT-2011 02:10:38-4.33144.365.348.2NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA, PNG.

30-OCT-2011 16:58:412.62128.704.7190.2HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
30-OCT-2011 05:09:075.23125.424.9214.4MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS

29-OCT-2011 19:51:28-0.82122.504.525.1MINAHASSA PENINSULA, SULAWESI

29-OCT-2011 07:30:5212.52142.404.7135.2SOUTH OF MARIANA ISLANDS

30-OCT-2011 11:52:27-3.34101.315.939.9SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
30-OCT-2011 02:02:164.8996.124.740.3NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
29-OCT-2011 21:59:53-6.51105.324.79.4SUNDA STRAIT
29-OCT-2011 14:13:58-2.92100.024.826.3SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA


30-OCT-2011 06:30:0435.31142.804.510.0OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
30-OCT-2011 05:24:0737.68144.535.29.9OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
29-OCT-2011 22:16:0236.64142.464.933.6OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
29-OCT-2011 06:24:4538.23141.874.956.8NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

30-OCT-2011 01:55:0438.4843.714.55.0TURKEY
29-OCT-2011 22:24:2438.7543.594.910.8TURKEY
29-OCT-2011 18:45:5138.5343.284.416.9TURKEY
29-OCT-2011 03:52:4438.4343.274.35.0TURKEY

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