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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghost ship unveiled:

Stealth vessel is 'virtually unstoppable'

Juliet Marine Services of Portsmouth this week unveiled its Ghost ship, the world's first “supercavitating” water craft, meaning it travels across water like a boat, but via a tunnel of gas below the surface.

After years of research under top-secret conditions, Greg Sancoff has unveiled a "game changing" invention he describes as "like an attack helicopter on water."
Named Ghost, it's the world's first "supercavitating" water craft, meaning it travels across water like a boat, but through a tunnel of gas below the surface, he said. The significance of the technology means Ghost moves through the gas instead of water which has 900 times more drag, he said.
"We're creating an artificial environment around our underwater structure," said Sancoff, who is developing Ghost with his own money, while the project is "controlled by the government."
"We're reducing hull friction, which hasn't changed much since the Vikings," he said. "This, in many ways, is probably one of the largest advancements made in the Navy. It's like breaking the sound barrier."
Ghost is also stealth, is powered by jet fuel, can carry thousands of pounds of weapons including torpedoes and is "virtually unstoppable," Sancoff said. He added the cockpit of the prototype is like one found inside a plane and the rear can seat multiple Navy SEALS.

Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. Announces the First Supercavitating Ship, GHOST
Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. press release ^ | 8/10/2011 | Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. 
Posted on Thu Oct 20 2011 15:47:44 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) by pingman

Portsmouth, NH (August 10, 2011) -
Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. (JMS) announced today that the US Navy/USPTO have removed Secrecy Orders previously applied to GHOST. For the first time, Juliet Marine is able to release photographs of GHOST, the first super-cavitating craft, to the public. GHOST was designed and built by US Citizens for the US Navy at no cost to the government to protect US sailors, servicemen and servicewomen. Development of the first ever super-cavitating craft, in many ways, is as difficult as breaking the sound barrier. GHOST is a combination aircraft/boat that has been designed to fly through an artificial underwater gaseous environment that creates 900 times less hull friction than water. GHOST technology adapts to manned or unmanned, surface or submerged applications. Any Navy possessing GHOST technology could operate in international waters undetected and would have an overwhelming advantage against conventional ships.
Source Free Republic
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