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Friday, October 07, 2011


News With Views
By Dr. Laurie Roth


How can we not notice the huge "Occupy Wall Street" group protesting against Billionaires and for their version of the American dream. Van Jones, who describes himself as a revolutionary and communist in the 1990s is boldly behind this group that has assembled at Wall Street. His group, The American Dream movement which is run by the extreme leftist group and is also supported by Planned Parenthood, the Hip Hop Caucus and the Sierra Club is the next thing to be used to confuse the people, mix up the issues and blame the enemies of Obama, namely the Tea Party, Congress, business and Capitalism.

Most the people don't have the time to dig for the deeper issues. They just know that if Obama says Wall street is evil and hurts the people this must be true. Never mind that Obama's regime is the one that has paid the AIG reps, big bankers the international money machine, hundreds of billions of dollars. He has been 'Father Christmas' to countless heads of Unions, money cartels and big, behind the scenes business. Obama has never been grass roots and concerned about minorities and 'the people.' He has always played fast and furious with big business, Unions and big money.

The Van Jones group, 'the American Dream movement' sounds so good on the surface but you quickly see it is nothing but a group demanding rights through massively higher taxes, redistribution of wealth, communistic ideas (per Van's proud past) and big Government gifts and controls. Van Jones calls this a grassroots movement even bigger then the Tea Party.
Now, for a reality check for Van Jones. The growing Tea Party groups simply represent a broad base, multi colored tapestry of all the people. Jones and his Marxist, redistribution of wealth cult following he calls on and manipulates is about as big as a hang nail on the Tea Parties foot.

The bottom line is that Obama, Van Jones and other leftist groups always hide behind causes that make them on the surface look like the suffering and grass roots of America. They also are the first to rally behind, created race wars and crisis to extract more followers and distract the masses. The agenda of control and redistribution boldly marches forward as the people march in the streets, believing they are crusaders while throwing rocks at the enemies across the tracks.

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1 comment:

  1. This is one of the cases where we would have liked to have been wrong. Unfortunately, when we posted in August 2011 that we saw the beginning of the 2012 Revolution starting in Wisconsin, many thought we were crazy. The scenes throughout the United States in the past few weeks, specifically those of the past few days in Oakland are evident that the 2012 Revolution is here. The pictures that follow are reminiscent of scenes we have witnesses over the years in countries throughout the middle east. We now find these same images and anti-American demonstrations materializing in the United States.


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