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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cain't Rede Protesters Occupy Wall Street

From George Ure's Urban Survival
 this Week:


(AP) A large group of protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement attempt to cross the...
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I haven't been watching too much of the Occupy Wall Street protests, although with 700 people arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend, it's starting to get a little bit interesting.

Problem is that the protesters interviewed by corpmedia all seem to be idiots, but then again, maybe it's supposed to be played this way.  Rather than explain about concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, the cozy-cozy relationship between corporations and their bought & paid politicians, and so forth, instead we get idiotic remarks that shoot wide the targets, which are in case you've forgotten, the trans-national corporations that job jack to least cost countries and then load costs onto the US side of their budgets to skate on income taxes while operating (at least nominally so) from tax shelters like the Bahamas, Caymans, Turks, and so forth.

However, since the way the MSM keeps the sheeps in heaps can be done via malicious editing, what I've seen on TV so far are not the most able to articulate the reasons for the protests (like the one at BofA in downtown Boston).  Instead we get the extremely inarticulate.

The problem is made worse because so many of the right-wing corporate radio apologists who continue to view everything through rush-colored glasses, which sorts everything into right/left BS instead of the real UP/down view.

Toss in the idea that facial recognition systems have gotten incredibly good, such that anyone involved in the protests is likely to be "made" by authorities, and we have once again seen the rich & powerful continue the divide & conquer strategy which keeps us poor and them rich.

Still, demonstrations continue to spread, to places like Seattle and Los Angeles.
Been thinking about this a good bit.  How many homeless and living on the street people are their in big cities?  Seems to me that if a person was unemployed and hungry going to a protest and getting arrested would be a way to get "three hots and a cot"...which would be a very interesting way of overwhelming the system if it caught on.

We're already up around 2.5 million people in jail, right?

Long term, as we slide further into the Second Depression, I expect these rates will increase.

As this happens, more talk of "lawlessness" will come and with it, the excuse to try and cancel elections in 2012.  You saw recently where the governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue actually broached that topic?

Lemme see: demonstrations, arrests, a cry for "Law and Order!"  No need for a Reichs' fire here, no sir.

Oh...and is Rosanne Barr going to be the emergent female personality who becomes a spokesperson over the balance of the year?  Off with their heads talk about banksters certainly moves that direction...

~ End George's Excerpt

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