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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Alert/Discern: East Coast Tsunami a Week Away


From an un-investigated news source at present:

John Moore reports that a contact from U.S. Northern Command
in Denver, Colorado tells him that there is very frenzied activity
there, including food storage activity. 

Recall that Pres. Obama
was there just a few days ago; it appears that he may be preparing
to go underground in response to N.A.S.A.'s tracking reports of
comets and asteroids in a bee swarm, which has to be growing more
dense as this known baby star is pulled ever closer into our inner
Solar System by the great gravitational force field of our Sun. 

Most urgent is John Moore's report from his contact that a volcano
on the Canary Islands is about to erupt in about seven to ten days.
Geologists agree that if the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts, its resulting
landslide will surely generate a tsunami that will kill many millions
of people along the East Coast of the Americas, from Canada, down
over the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and down through
Central and South America.

Scroll down to the rebroadcast of the third hour of September, 30th.

Click for Larger Picture

There will be a tsunami, not IF, but will be... per the Benefield Hazard Research Centre.
The Benfield Hazard Research Centre scientists don't know WHEN, however. The tsunami will be a result of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma ( images ; Q & A ; papers), the western flank of which has (already) started to slide seawards. The volcano flank's breaking off and falling into the sea will cause a giant wave... potentially, the tsunami will be heading toward the United States east coast.
Benfield is a 'reinsurer'.. that is, they insure the insurance companies.  State Farm, et al, won't really lose much money on the claims but Benfield will  - and that is why they make it their business to investigate thoroughly before setting their premiums. (Of course, the insurance companies pass it all on to us.  That is one reason insurance premiums have become astronomical in Florida! )



    New York, US East Coast also face tsunami threat: scientists
    Cities on the US East Coast and in the Caribbean could be wrecked by a tsunami unleashed by the collapse of a volcanic island in the eastern Atlantic, British ...

  • Mega-Tsunami Threatens To Devastate U.S. Coastline
    Mega-Tsunami Threatens To Devastate U.S. Coastline ... electricity consumption of the entire United States ... from crest to trough and on the north coast ...

  • Could a ‘mega-tsunami’ hit U.S. East Coast?
    Even before the tidal wave that killed 52,000 people in seaside towns of Asia and Africa, some scientists were warning of a similar wall of water that could devastate ...

  • Just because you live on the East Coast... don't think you are immune from tsunamis. Mid Atlantic Ridge could produce the same kind of earthquake that caused the recent tsunami in Japan.


    1. John Moore is correct about the "Baby Star", or more correctly known as a Brown Dwarf Star & its 6 or more planets. NASA has known about it since 1983. And they imaged it with their Microwave/IR Telescope in Antartica in 2007-08.

      Here is the Infrared image ...

    2. Anonymous10:00 AM

      This blog argues that the mega-tsunami generated by the collapse of a volcano in the Canary Islands is predicted in Rev 8:8, which describes a "huge mountian, burning with fire" being thrown into the sea":


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