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Monday, October 10, 2011

Canary Islands, El Hierro finally erupts- Underwater eruption

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Blog post with island information and link to seismographs:

(in spanish needs google translate)

translated from the article:

Forty years after the Teneguía, La Palma, Canary Islands relives a volcanic eruption. Yesterday at 6.20 (GMT), seismographs to the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has deployed around the island of El Hierro began to show an anomalous signal. Since the July 19 began the seismic crisis , marked curves and small jumps for each of the more than 9977 earthquakes. After a day of uncertainty, rumors and denials, Carmen Lopez, head of the volcanology of IGN, just after 22.30 confirmed that there had been a submarine eruption and said he was dating magmatic material. According to Lopez, the seismicity suggests that occurred three miles south of the island and 900 meters deep. Experts do not rule out that another eruption could occur closer to the coast but consider the low probability. Experts believe that the earthquake on Saturday in El Hierro does not increase the risk of eruption What will happen in El Hierro? El Hierro suffers the greatest magnitude earthquake from seismic crisis began. The Army sent a unit to assist in the work of "prevention" in El Hierro

The submarine eruption has occurred five kilometers away from the coast and 900 meters deep - MARIANO ZAFRA

The scientists listed various circumstances that test the eruption: detection by seismographs of the call "volcanic tremor" , the deceleration of seismic movements, the decrease in magma pressure, thereby reducing the swelling of the island, and the issuance of gases, which has affected marine life, according to pictures broadcast but not discussed by the authorities. They can see dead fish floating in the water. There is no visible evidence, as the huge column of water prevents gas to surface water to the surface."




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