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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Top Stories, I CNN, Elenin Coming 11/9/11

Comet Elenin Coming 11/9/11 ? 

in CNN ireport TOP stories

Blogger Note:  
The article in reference is in the CNN "I"report, part of CNN 
and we would be passing through the DEBRIS FIELD of  Elenin.
Would this mean some impacts?

Uploaded by  on Aug 2, 2011
This was released this past week (july 25, 2011) on CNN ireport.... and is NOW featured as one of their top stories over the past 5 years!!!

"Nov 9, 2011 the earth will supposedly cross the threshold of the debris tail of ELENIN on the same plain (assuming ELENIN is a real object that would be catastrophic)..."

read the rest over at :

comet elenin:

Top Comments

  • @doubledibi Its not CNN, infact it's not even a real article... It's CNN iReport. You could post your own article there if you want...
  • dutchsince u been trolled bro

People are very concerned about Elenin.  
This is one of iCNN Report's  most popular articles!

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    More Eletard mumbo jumbo.


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