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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Severe Storms Coming West Coast? Heavy Chemtrails

Uploaded by  on Jul 21, 2011
NOT regular contrails... seen staying and GROWING for multiple hours ... This is cloud seeding 101 for those new to the subject.

read up on it here from a COMPANY that does it every day !

Off the coast of California, we are seeing a LARGE amount of chemtrail cloud seeding activity. Covering at least 4 times the size of the state of California.

seen on intellicast cloud cover view:

Some comments in YouTube:

  • Thanks for the vid, just took a look at it on intellicast, you can actually see it being laid down by at least two planes at the moment(heading west to east). I still had a small doubt about chemtrails, not anymore.
  • DUTCH!!! Im in the SF Bay Area, so this intrigues me a bit. All of the weather stations in my extended area say its gonna be 78 degrees and sunny for the next 10 days. I am going to watch those VERY closely for the next 48 hours to see how drastic of a change they will post. I actually wouldnt mind a bit of rain and wind, so maybe its a good thing...maybe just tryin to keep the ground moist so we don't have as many wildfires is one possibility, although, I dont really like breathing Barium.
  • Excellent video and nice catch. They don't even hide it any more it's all right in our faces. When things get anarchish we need to have a meeting point and get ready for the revolution
    Rochester ,mi

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