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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Antarctica Personnel witness BROWN Dwarf and Nibiru in the SKY

NIBIRU shadows over Antarctica landmass &
Personnel witness BROWN Dwarf and Nibiru in the SKY
From The Lightgate

Signs In The Heavens are the PRIMARY and MOST IMPORTANT SIGNS that the Lord has given to us. They are SIGNALS that the Lord is about to do something. In 1996 and 1997 we had two of the most important signals the Lord has ever given to the Human race. 
Here is why:

Hale-Bopp told us about the rise of antichrist. In 1996 Comet Hyakuke crossed over the head of Satan in the heavens on 4-11-1996 , and Hale-Bopp crossed over the identical spot on 4-11-1997 making a cross in the heavens telling us that antichrist would rise but be terminated by the work of Christ. 

This was such a rare event that those watching the heavens were stunned by it. 11 years later in 2008 began a series of three total solar eclipses on Av 1 for three years running. In 2008 Obama gave a speech to the entire world and he PROMISED TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND AMERICA. Connect the dots. 14 years later we have a comet called Elenin. Remember the movie DEEP IMPACT, which was an E.L.E. event. 

The Tribulation period is an E.L.E. event for world civilization. It is the termination of everything we know. 14 is the number of redemption/deliverance. Connect the dots. There are so many sings in the heavens that have gone by with no one taking notice that is is stunning in and of itself.

Just one more thing -
The Jewish book of tradition, the Talmud says, "A comet never passes through Orion, if one did that would mean the world would soon end." Hale Bopp passed through Orion which is in the sign house of Taurus, symbolizing Judgment.
The True Facts About ELEnin??

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  1. The first lights was a star or a planet, probably Venus or Jupiter. The other lights in the sky were The sun, being followed by a lens flare. When you are on the poles, the sun doesn't rise in one direction and then set in the opposite, it kind of circles you. The lighting you are ohhing and ahhing over is simply straightforward celestial-Newtonian gravity mechanics in action. Niburu doesn't exist. Lens flares. I believe in ufo's in a big way. But if you could see a second sun or large planet near the sun, this thing would be visible day and night, and it's gravity would be screwing up the planets that it was near... And I could make that image with photoshop so easily, and no one would be able to tell that it had been doctored. That is incredibly easy for those of us in the graphic arts. The gentlemen outside were wearing the latest cold/radiation protection systems, because the poles have much more solar radiation than other parts of the planet, due to the atmosphere being much thinner, combined with the magnetic field actually channeling the cosmic and solar radiation toward the surface like a funnel. You need to learn about some things. Try educating yourself on CCD photography, celestial motions. And the light on the side of the building is simply a flood light, illuminating the side of the station. The photos appear to be time exposures, which make them look brighter. The sun can't show through a snowstorm, much less a brown dwarf, which emits very little visible light. The camera is showing the lighting on the sides, but in the cold the cameras can vary in sensitivity. There were no explosions, just variences in lighting... You called the sun itself an anomaly. I have a background in photography, astronomy, and graphic image manipulation, and I saw nothing anomalous. The light from the floods is illuminating the mist flowing over the station....

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    and another thing, if you look at the shadow by the building it is moving at the same direction of the huge shadow he's speaking of...duh!


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