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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States-Plate Slippage Possible Soon

7/17/2011 -- prepare now - Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States -- plate slippage soon

Uploaded by  on Jul 17, 2011
I do not say this lightly.... BE PREPARED for a large quake in the Caribbean earthquake in the near term... next few weeks to a month at the most. 6.0 or greater... along the southern plate boundry east from mexico to Puerto Rico.

have a plan in place for escape to higher ground in case a tsunami is generated by the plate slippage that is happening worldwide.

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  1. "dutchsinse" is dancing perilously close to yelling
    " FIRE ! " in a crowded theater. I DON'T like this guy. I think he is a phoney and a menace to the (poorly informed) public. His only observable history is that of failure and internet panhandling, you'd be wise to steer clear of him.

    And now comes this quote from "Who is dutchsinse? Mike "Michael" Yuri Janitch. He lives in Chesterfield, MO. He claims to be mentally ill in order to receive Social Security Disability. So dutchsinse is Michael Yuri Janitch and he takes meds for a mental illness, is unemployed, and also claims to know more about HAARP, the Pole Shift, Weather Modification, FEMA, etc., etc., than anyone else on the internet. He also believes you should send him money if you watch his videos on YouTube! He frequently bends the truth and copies from other peoples work. He is dishonest. He also was caught red handed when he manufactured several (not just one) fake blogs, YouTube Channels where he impersonated other people using Facebook bios and photos."

    ENOUGH of this loser already ! Reality is scary enough without conniving theives like Janich to pollute the air.

    Joe S.

  2. Ann W8:37 PM

    I was going to reply to Joe S's comments about Dutchsinse but didn't get around to it until now. I don't know either him or Dutchsinse. However, my comment is about those who are mentally ill or perceived to be so.

    First, mental illness is no more to be ashamed of than any other illness. "He has cancer", "she has diabetes", "that child has . . . a mental illness". The shame is on the person calling it out. One of the reasons we have HIPPA rules is to keep one's medical problems private. These laws are there to protect the privacy of all patients, whether one is being treated for a liver disease or an imbalance that creates an illness that is mental. Whether true or not, shame on Joe S. for saying it.

    Second, 'craziness' is almost a prerequisite for genius. One has to be a bit crazy to handle their genius. One has to be a bit crazy to percieve that which others cannot readily see. God blessed the crazies with their genius.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. I personally know both Joe S. and Ann W. and can attest that they are both very intelligent.

  4. It was wrong information. Now it is proved by time.


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