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Friday, July 01, 2011

BREAKING: Levee Blown up Without Warning-Iowa

Jul 1, 2011

"LOVELAND, Iowa -- Authorities are investigating an intentional breach in a levee near Desoto Bend.

Pottawattamie County officials said a half-mile stretch of the Vanmann #30 levee was mechanically excavated and then lowered by using explosives. The private levee is just north of the Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, northwest of Honey Creek.

So far, emergency management officials said they've seen no damage as a result of the levee breach, but they have fielded plenty of phone calls about it.

Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Theulen said he was alerted Friday morning that the levee may have been in the process of being intentionally breached. About 20 minutes later, officials said they received calls from people wanting to know why levees were being blown up. One caller claimed to have witnessed the explosion."


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More planned destruction in order for the 'feds', Soros, Monsanto, etc. to drive Americans into selling their property/farmland?? Agenda 21 hard @ work., imho.




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  • there are clean up workers from the BP oilspill THAT ARE DYING, did you hear anything about that? tell me, how much have you heard about Japan, or Fukishima? NOTHING, is your local gov doing anything to let it;s citizens know about radiation fallout? NOTHING, about a month and a half ago, another oil rig sank in the Gulf, didn;t hear anything about that either?they also found a NEW 100 MILE LONG 13 MILE WIDE OIL SLICK, NOT ONE WORD, nobody in the US , is going to do anything,
  • @babymalai I'm effectively agreeing with you--I think "they" did it, that's why they're not all over it like red ants...
    Besides, there are better, more important things to report on, right? Weiner's wiener... Kate's dress today, and tomorrow... Justin and Selena may be in love......... who cares to report on FRIKIN SUFFERING, STARVATION, POISONING...... TOTAL GRADUAL OBLITERATION OF AMERICA?!?

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