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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Second Pisgah Plume, California - Jul 25

Mojave Desert quake, volcanic eruption debunked?

BARSTOW • A YouTube user who claimed to have discovered a volcanic eruption in the Mojave Desert over the weekend was mistaken, U.S. Geological Survey officials said Monday.
A YouTube video posted Saturday evening displayed radar images and Google Earth maps as a narrator described what he believed to be evidence of a volcanic eruption over Pisgah Crater, a young volcanic cylinder cone between Barstow and Needles about 2.5 miles south of Interstate 40.
“There was no indication of a volcanic eruption on that date and time, and nor is there one brewing today,” USGS spokeswoman Clarice Ransom said.
Dr. John Eichelberger, program coordinator of volcano hazards for USGS, said the video didn’t appear to be a hoax, but rather a misinterpretation of the data.
To read more about the activity at Pisgah Crater, see the full story in Tuesday's Daily Press. Get the complete story every day with the "exactly as printed" Daily Press E-edition, only $5 per month! Click here to try it free for 7 days. To subscribe to the Daily Press in print or online, call (760) 241-7755, 1-800-553-2006 or click here.

Video Uploaded by  on Jul 25, 2011
Send this SECOND one over to Dr. John Eichelberger and the other USGS spokesperson... let them know.. i'll buy their explanation on one occurance.. but NOT on multiple from the same spot.. sorry! there comes a point where professionals deny reality in order to make it fit their beliefs.. well.. this is clearly happening multiple times at the SAME spot... the fact is that strange plumes of precip/steam/moisture are blowing up out of the LAVA FIELDS IN THE MOJAVE DESERT.

I stand by the first video, showing the plume from 2 days ago, and this one from today as well.... even in the face of being smacked down by the USGS, who, if you remember just a few months ago.. totally deleted the yellowstone earthquake swarm, and the libya 8.0 ! Not to mention literally don't put the midwest quakes on their map at all.

Power is out in the area, plane crash 150 miles south.. military range 35 miles south... eagle fire 100 miles southwest.. not a storm, not smog.. not a military firing range.. you can hike back on this BLM and state park land.. which means its not a test site.

that narrows it down.. and now it has happened TWICE in two days!!

Yes, twice now, in the past 2 and a half days.. we see an eruption of "moisture" shown on RADAR from the SAME volcanic lava field area--- Pisgah craters-- southern California ... more about Pisgah craters and lava fields here:

here are the RADAR links:

click on EYX in south central california to see a "steam/cloud/moisture" plume erupt from the same area as a day and a half ago...

see also on College of Dupage RADAR:

select 1km and RADAR ...

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