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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NWO,UN, Global Warming: Kenyans to Receive $1.19


07-02-2011 3:58 pm - David Rothbard and Craig Rucker -

As the UN wrapped up its recent climate conference in Bonn, Germany, talks organizer Christiana Figueres proclaimed that climate change is the “the most important negotiation the world has ever faced.” Faced with real problems – financial meltdowns, unemployment, war and genuine human suffering – the world no longer agrees.

It’s a good thing human productivity doesn’t threaten the global thermostat the way the UN would have us believe. If it were, we’d be cooked. Countries rich and poor are backing away from commitments they made years ago during rosier economic times, before the public became aware of Climategate, renewable energy costs and genuine debate.

The Kyoto Protocol, the only binding international agreement signed since the global warming scare began, expires after 2012. Canada, Russia and Japan have publicly declared they will not renew; China and the United States never signed it; and the US has made it plain it is not about to. And poor countries are becoming less enamored about signing on, as they realize hard economic times mean there will be little climate “mitigation” and “restitution” money coming their way from (formerly) rich countries.
If it's so warm, why is she wearing a fur collar?

Even die-hard warmists increasingly recognize that bureaucratic solutions hatched at these conferences are rife with waste, fraud and abuse. They may enrich a few, at the expense of everyone else, especially the poor. But they are powerless to control Earth’s climate.

In March, German investigators reported that 850 million Euros disappeared, when shady companies swarmed into carbon trading, emissions and energy businesses. Criminal enterprises raked in tens of millions, fended off regulators with delaying tactics, and then announced bankruptcy or vanished. An Italian sting operation resulted in arrests of wind farm developers who billed the country for subsidies, but never produced a kilowatt of electricity.

London’s liberal Guardian newspaper was aghast to learn that the World Bank’s Biocarbon Fund had arranged to pay European “entrepreneurs” $1 million to establish a system under which 60,000 Kenyans would restrict themselves to farming under rigidly controlled, inefficient, “sustainable” techniques. For that they will receive $1.4 million over 20 years.

That’s right, the beneficent World Bank will enrich more Europeans, so that 60,000 Kenyans can receive $23.83 apiece annually for 20 years of drudgery, poverty and misery: a princely $1.19 a year!

From Africa Recovery, Vol.16#1, April 2002, page 24 (Article Just Nine Years Ago):
Investing in clean development
New climate change initiative may benefit Africa

By Jullyette Ukabiala
An innovative initiative in the fight against climate change has given African countries an opportunity to attract more international financing for their own sustainable development, while at the same time helping curb global warming. After years of hard bargaining, the guidelines for the "clean development mechanism" (CDM) were approved by the parties* to the 1992 UN climate change agreement, during a November 2001 conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Under this mechanism, Northern industrialized nations can promote investments in cleaner technologies, forest preservation and other projects in the South in a way that enables them to earn credits toward their targets for reducing emissions of "greenhouse gases" that are harmful to the environment.

* A "party" is a country which has both signed and 
ratified an international legal agreement. For more information
on the CDM, go to the Website .

The CDM is "a wonderful concept," promising substantial benefits to developing countries, declared Nigerian Presidential Adviser on Petroleum and Energy Rilwanu Lukman. "Africa must use this as a new development opportunity," said Mr. Pedro Sanchez, former director-general of the Kenya-based International Centre for Research in Agroforestry. Projects under the mechanism can help improve rural electrification and other development undertakings, Mr. Ad Dankers, a climate change expert with the UN Development Programme (UNDP), told Africa Recovery. New investments can create more jobs and enhance productivity, observed a CDM expert with the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

In July 2001, a long stalemate was resolved over the implementation of the clean development mechanism and other provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 follow-up agreement to the climate change convention. Without the US, which had withdrawn from the talks that March, other countries agreed on many of the regulations needed to effectively curb global emissions of greenhouse gases. The remaining issues were finalized at Marrakech, clearing the way for the industrialized countries to consider ratifying the protocol.
Greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide, exist naturally in the atmosphere, and help trap the sun's heat to keep the earth comfortably warm. But scientists now believe that the amount of carbon dioxide being released as a result of the human consumption of fossil fuels (oil, petrol, coal, and, to a lesser extent, natural gas) has become excessive and risks heating the earth beyond life-sustaining levels. The phenomenon, known as "global warming," motivated the climate change agreement, officially called the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Kyoto Protocol. Both aim to curtail world carbon emissions, with more specific commitments under Kyoto.

Northern countries, which are responsible for most such emissions, mainly from their industries and transportation systems, negotiated individual emission reduction targets, with the European Union (EU) agreeing to a slightly bigger reduction than the US would be required to make. Southern countries, with comparatively lower emission levels, were not required to commit to specific targets, but were urged to also curtail the amount of carbon they released into the atmosphere.

Full Article:

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