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Saturday, February 05, 2011

UFO Sighting India Jan 26,2011 Five Separate Airlines Pilots Confirm

Five different airlines flight pilots confirm UFO sighting over India on 26 January, 2011 

FinAir of Finland and Novou Air of Sweden were flying from the West to East while a couple of flights of Cathay Pacific and Dynasty Airways of China were moving in the opposite direction at an altitude between 34,000 and 37,000 ft over the airspace supposed to be in the trajectory of the object.

Above image is just a artistic reconstruction
According to media reports A glowing round object making a speedy descent near the West Bengal-Bihar border early on January 26 left pilots of five aircraft baffled, triggering widespread speculation about UFO.

The first person to sight the object was a senior Air India pilot who was navigating the aircraft at a height of 34,000 ft during its flight from Kolkata to New Delhi.

"The plane was just entering the airspace of Gaya, close to Bengal-Bihar border, when I first noticed the glowing object, below the aircraft, hurtling down at a very high speed," Captain Rishi was quoted as saying by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower here at Dum Dum International Airport.

The Air India pilot initially didn't pay much attention as it is customary for the pilots to notice several such things midair. But when the aircraft was close to Varanasi, the object was still brightly visible.

Without wasting time, he informed the Varanasi Air Traffic Control from where ATC, Kolkata, was alerted.

The officials at ATC pondered over whether pilots of other international flights that might have crossed the Kolkata-Bihar-Varanasi route, had also observed the glowing object reported by Capt Rishi.

Accordingly, the ATC, Kolkata, beamed asking signals for other international flights that flew the same airspace during the period concerned.

To their utter surprise, the air traffic control officials were told by as many as four foreign airlines flight pilots that they had seen the same object and all of them reiterated that it was falling down at a great speed!

Once the foreign airlines pilots radioed back the ATC tower here, confirming their sighting of the object, ATC engineers immediately got in touch with the Indian Air Force. However, the IAF engineers pointed out that their powerful radar had failed to track or notice any unusual objectsource


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By: Jiya
On: 03 Feb 2011 02:01 pm
Sometimes, when flying from Chennai to Kolkata, it is quite common to see shooting stars over the Bay of Bengal. But this is only on night flights and near Vizag. Many crew have seen them.
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By: Guest
On: 05 Feb 2011 01:16 pm
Open your mind. I am pretty sure senior pilots of 5 airliners do know the difference between shooting stars and unknown objects. This happened a week ago over jerusalem, and thankfully, a difficult one to ignore even by hardcore skeptics.
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By: roo
On: 03 Feb 2011 03:11 am
Probably the Russians and the failure of their latest earth mapping satellite
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By: anoop
On: 03 Feb 2011 12:12 am
hi am anoop from bangalore.... we too spotted a fire like burning object flying in air..... Date 1-jan-2011 Place Rajajinagar Timing some where in between 6:45pm-7:15 pm just as a speed of an aircraft ... At first we thought it was an aircraft then as it got getting closer we could recognize it was a big object on fire... we could easily see the flames burning... it was not a white light, it was red and flame like a camp fire... then we assumed that it was an hot air balloon ... but only seeing Deccan Herald news paper morning i came to know it was an ufo.... i really have strong feeling that its not from an alien, it could be a spy thing sent from an enemy nation(PAK).....
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By: akc
On: 02 Feb 2011 04:43 pm
Frequent UFO sightings all over the world has increased in just a few months.There were numerous UFO sightings in newyork(mass sighting on oct 13),china(an airport was shutdown bcoz of UFO in dec) and moscow(january).Indonesian crop circles also happened in January.Aliens will land on earth before the end of 2011.All the governments know of this and aliens have contacted them.Channeled messages say that official UFO disclosure may happen before end of Mar 2011. India Daily article:China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates >>
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By: riz
On: 04 Feb 2011 12:31 pm
I am not 5 ft in front of you, I live far from you, you have never seen me at all yet I exist.Therefore I am real, very real.
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By: Moe
On: 02 Feb 2011 04:08 pm
I believe these are just speculations and a big hoax is in the making. I never believe anything, unless it happens 5ft in front of me. These are just some lonely bunch of people, who want to get cheap attention or popularity.
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By: sumanth
On: 05 Feb 2011 01:28 pm
really? guess you need to have a look at this. and when u have read that, watch this:
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By: Sanjay
On: 04 Feb 2011 02:39 am
Yeahhhhhhhh, righhhhhhtttt. Keep denying what is obvious.
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By: Jaya Prakash
On: 04 Feb 2011 08:28 pm
Absolutely!... Don't beleive wat u have not seen....
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  1. This is Satish Bakshi from Bangalore. My-self and my son Akash Bakshi too spotted a fire like burning object flying in air today (31.03.2011) at about 8-30 to 8-45 pm. We could easily see the flames burning... it was not a white light, it was red / orange and flame like a camp fire. It moved from South to North. I saw that for 2-3 minutes and then it disappeared.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    when staring skies in night hours you might see things that you have never noticed. whats our radar doing ?

  3. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Well.. The Question to u skeptics is... Will u really have the presence of mind to believe if it actually happened before you... There's a lot of shit and scum thrown to us by the Govt's and agencies. Everything we learn from primary is closely monitored... What we know as science is what we have been made to believe!!! Forget space There's so much here on earth we dnt know!!! Believe me, as long there are govt's military and journalists its only scum that we will be made to believe!!!

    Its a wide space out there... Anything could happen... The question is are we too late to realize where and what we should have stopped before it triggered!!!

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    From the above post it is clear that the RADARS at the IAF are a piece of Junk...Indian Government is wasting money into buying rusted junk from other countries.


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