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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dr. Boylan's take on the UFO over the Dome

    There is a video circulating on the Internet and TV news channels purporting to show one and then more "UFOs" floating over the Dome of the Rock/Solomon's Temple/Western Wailing Wall at Jerusalem.


    This video of  supposed "UFOs" floating over the sacred site and then descending or rapidly ascending is in fact a deceptive Cabal "light show". It was done with advanced technology, involving the projection of three-dimensional quasi-solid holograms in the sky.
    The Cabal's basic purpose is to confuse people into thinking that they have seen a genuine starcraft - when they have not.
    But the Cabal's selection of the holiest site to Islam and Judaism as the location to perpetrate their fraud troubles me, and I can only surmise their motives for an additional "follow-up", given their ultimate plot to conduct a fake "Alien Invasion".

     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA

Comment via FaceBook:

Daniel Allen Butler
Well, apparently this "Dr." Boylan is either a credulous fool or a complete numbty--or both. Closely watching what has become known as the "second jerusalem UFO video" shows a curious detail: there is no movement whatsoever in this video apart from the "UFO." No lights come on or go off, no cars move along the street, the shimmer of the lights shining on the Dome of the Rock never changes, as it would if this were an actual video. Unfortunately for the rather dense "Dr. Boylan, it isn't an actual video. It's a still photograph of Jerusalem taken at night sometime back before March of 2008, with the "UFO" superimposed on it via very basic digital video software. How do I know that? Because you can find the original photo here:    If you compare the light sources point by point, you'll see that they are ALL identical, every one of them present in both the still photo and in the video, all in the same positions relative to each other, at the same relative intensity--no exceptions, not one. The image in the video has just been over-exposed to make the light sources seem more intense. You'll also notice on the Wikipedia page that the still photo was posted in March 2008, meaning that it was taken in or before that month.

It seems that there is more of the charlatan than the scientist to this alleged "Dr." Boylan....

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  1. Poor Rich. I have known him a long time. So long that I was there when he was ordained a Catholic priest at Mission Carmel in the mid-1960s. I also know his wife -- the ex-nun he left the church for -- and children.

    In my opinion, he has always exhibited troubling traits. When he was in his twenties he would pinch children smaller than himself and when they would complain he would say, "You know you love it." then he would refuse to accept the child's reality -- that it hurt. I remember, I was one of those kids. Like a typical abuser, tho, he always had an extra pack of gum to whip out in front of my parents.

    He was once very close to my family, and they stood by him for a long time, but now when we talk about him we all just get very sad and say, "Poor, Richard. It is so sad what he did to his life."

  2. Hello "E" .. Your comment above is very interesting and I appreciate your contribution.

    I know such things do happen, there are plenty of troubled people in this broken world. Unless we have more info, we have to take all my Global Rumblings Blog postings with a discerning grain of salt. And, all comments posted on them, too! I don't necessarily agree with any of my blogposts, or comments therein, but we need to explore all sides, don't we!

    Thanks again for your sharing this. It would have been better for us if you had also shared your identity, but we are o.k. with 'E' as it stands.


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