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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Matrix Reloaded Again and Now De-Metaphoralized

Written by Rohaan Solare on Sunday, February 13, 2011 22:02 - 2 Comments

The ruling class lives at the center and designs the Matrix/maze we call civilization. Most of us are wandering around different parts of the Matrix/maze. Some are awed by its beauty and grandeur while others are burdened by its complexity and just happy to eat and be entertained. The vast majority however are crushed in the construction process. Wars must be waged to acquire resources cheaply and at the public's expense. Serfs and sweat shops must be created so that the ruling class can profit extravagantly and its subjects afford products made in China.
Metaphoralize, a new term I’ve coined to better define an aspect of story telling whereby reality is described by a story teller or author in the universalized big picture language of imagery.
The idea is to creatively convey large chunks of information via setting, image, symbols and story character actions. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.
Mythologize is the classical term to used to define what I think metaphoralize conveys more concisely and without too much explication.
The problem with mythologize is that most people don’t understand the basic premise of mythological studies.
Most equate myth with non-truths when in actuality a mythic story is a true account told in symbolic terms.
We live at a time when the vast majority has become mythically illiterate and we interpret in literal terms what should be understood in symbolic or mythic terms—think Biblical Christianity.
In my latest article, The Global Awakening has arrived, Egypt and Revolution, I refer to an image of Neo awakening from his state of ignorance about the Matrix’s existence to illustrate what what I mean by awakened and to introduce the term metaphoralize.

What follows is the caption of the image in question.

My study of mythology has led me to conclude that all of our great stories are conscious and/or unconscious projections or some combination thereof, of the total human condition as uniquely metaphoralized by each author.
We have grown ignorant of this truth and the great masses fail to glean the essential message embedded in the imagery, actions and key ideas of mythic texts and movies of epic proportions. The Matrix movie is one such example.
The Matrix is a metaphorical rendition of the fix we find ourselves in. Neo’s home within the Matrix is a bubble. A bubble reality created by those who run the matrix reality show. Matrix inhabitants think they are free and awake. But they are unaware of their actual condition. They are ignorant of the illusion of reality created by the masters and architects of the Matrix (govcorp).
The feed going into the back of Neo’s head is the “official and authoritative” reality input (Mainstream Media TV = Govcorp broadcasts ) per the dominant religious, secular and commercial agencies. The feeds going into Neo’s body are the various laws and schemes (bailouts) that extract wealth from us in the form of taxes and various financial system riggings.

The Matrix is in my assessment a metaphoralization of the Current World System. That is the legal and teeth bearing framework of the social-cultural construct we call civilization and the government sanctioned narrative that goes along with it.
The net effect of a mythically illiterate public is that most fail to get the essential messages and they leave the movie theater awed by the special effects and thinking they just saw the latest and coolest sci-fi flick, when in actuality they have just witnessed a metaphoralized portrayal of their very own psycho-socio-cultural condition.
The following video clips tell the story of the past and present human psycho-socio-cultural condition, but in unequivocal literal terms. The videos are well done, spot on and comprehensive yet cumulatively they tell a very deep and ultra complicated story in 30 minutes. Each video focuses on a slightly different aspect of our socio-cultural system.
The point of what is shared is not to point blame or perpetuate victimhood, but to expose the overarching social-cultural dynamics at work.
In order to create real and lasting change the root source of our problems must be identified or else we are treating only the symptoms and not the cancer itself.
As Thoreau would say “strike the Root”…
“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to the one who is striking at the root”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Modern Civilization is Built
on the Foundation of Human Farming
Key Concepts and Commentary
Outright slavery comes first, next come the more sophisticated psycho-social conditionings and strategies to makes each successive generation easier to manage and to keep up with an increasingly wary and more difficult to manage subject (farmed) class.
In a world dominated by exploitation a domesticated human being is the greatest natural resource.
Threat of harm, death, fines and imprisonment as primary means of gaining compliance from the farmed (subject) class.
Human farming, human husbandry…yes humans as livestock. In the movie The Matrix we are depicted as an energy source, as batteries for the system.
A public education is actually a process by which to inculcate that the government is benevolent, worthy of our loyalty, legitimate and credible.
Those most effectively indoctrinated act as defenders of the system. Remember how the agents in the Matrix could manifest themselves through anybody? The Dept. of Homeland Security is promoting all sorts of snitch programs.
Continual use of external threats (terrorists and commies everywhere) to justify government on the grounds that we need their protection.

The American Dream is Just That
Key Concepts and Commentary
From the moment are born we are fed a carefully fabricated story line about how the world works and why we do and seek what we do. The aim of the official story line is to insure the perpetuation of the social order and system that best serves the designers and managers of the System.
Things are not as they seem.
A “formal” education is not all its cracked up to be.
In the eyes of the Government people are reduced to mere economic units of measure (consumers, GDP, tax payers) — cultivatable sources of energy.
Nothing  progressive or peaceful about Democrats.
We are immersed in a constant stream of propaganda—Neo’s bubble home inside the matrix. Ideas are force fed to us form birth onward.
Original thinking is usually not possible until we are in our late teens, early twenties and only then if we’ve been lucky to have been weakly encultured.
Ever try rationalizing with Christian fundamentalists or gung ho patriots?

Statism is Just Another Obsolete Belief System
Key Concepts and Commentary
We are potentially dominated and assuredly motivated by what appeals to our emotions.
Structure a message to appeal to the emotional self as some essential component to ones sense of emotional and physical security and the hook is set.  Emotional reactivity trumps rational thinking when one has been taught to identify emotional and physical security with ideas of an external protector e.g. God or the State.
A threat made against those we identify with emotionally is an indirect threat against us. If you are not reliant upon an external entity for your sense of emotional and physical security then you are truly free.
Statism is just another form of religion. “Change you can believe in” said Barack Obama
Stuck in Neutral
We find ourselves in a rut of Biblical proportions because it’s what we’ve known and practiced for thousands of years. Enculturation once molded by environmental forces is self propelled. Change results from new forces acting upon entrenched enculturing mechanisms.
Exposing the State for What It Is: A System of Exploitation
Over the years science has undermined the tenets of religion and the flock has grown smaller as a result. The values and efforts of enviro-socio justice advocates are now eroding the power of the State. Just as religion was hobbled by exposing its fallacies and outright deceptions so will the State meet its fate.
Stop Teaching the language and behaviors of the State to our Children
Violent Language is Something We Must All Unlearn
Those of you familiar with Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Non-Violent Communication know how saturated our language is with aggressive posturings of every sort. I’m not talking about overtly pointed language, but subtle everyday language that most of us have taken for granted. 

Bringing the Message Home
Key Concept and Commentary
The last video is of a college professor using a real world historical example to illustrate how the State gradually employs totalitarian measures… its called incrementalism.
Little by little the corral is built and before you know it they’ve built yet another cage around us. The professor uses Nazi Germany and the vilification of the Jews to make his point.
Not that he thinks we are headed for the gas chambers, but preparations for mass detention of dissidents, dissent suppression, mass surveillance and the creation of an atmosphere of fear are all well underway.

How bad do things have to get before you act in opposition to the growth of an increasingly oppressive, invasive and all powerful government? 

What Incrementalism Looks Like Over a Span of Just 3 Months

Anti-Aging: Turn the Clock Back!

Search & Win

1 comment:

  1. This is NOT what it appears outwardly to be. It is IN FACT a very ingenious attempt by the PROGRESSIVE FAR LEFT to insert their rhetoric, agenda and indoctrination into today's Conservative awakening and backlash against them ! !

    While the videos play at an international theme, they are squarely aimed at America and Americans. You can practically FEEL the hatred for the U.S. seething from their voices.

    Careful listening reveals a deep seated hatred of American government from a different angle in each video.

    The first would lead you to believe the U.S. government is an "out of control" "Democracy" (it is neither), which forcefully indoctrinates our children while illegally appropriating funds to do so.

    The second portrays government as zookeeper and us as lowly and controlled animals.They would have us teach our children the Utopian values of love and patience while simply ignoring the slavering enemies at our door or possibly inviting them in for a "beer meeting".

    The third and most disturbing features a (supposed) college professor lecturing an unseen class on the Holocaust, chooses to re-write History by misquoting nearly EVERY relative fact and statistic while making the Jews appear to be at fault for their own annihilation by not fighting back against the Nazi Army. He then goes on to quote the American founding fathers OUT OF CONTEXT in order to make it look like they approved of periodic bloody and Archaic coups as a means to freshen government.

    Government in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing and as the American people have often (and once again in November 2010) proven, when it needs a shaking up things do not necessarily need to get bloody.

    The purveyors of these videos would have the world (and especially the U.S.) follow in the bloody footsteps of Somalia.


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