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Friday, February 04, 2011

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania Sinkhole

First, on Urban Survival Blog: 
Terra Not So, II
Then there’s that continuing discussion popping up in my inbox about the big sinkhole in Schmalkalden, Germany.  Most begin with an excited “Clif nailed another one!  This is right there plain as day in the Shape of Things to Come forecast!”
Yeah, well, fine.  True, the sinkhole story has been repeated 306 times in news reports (and is still growing) but whether all the language descriptors will be fulfilled is something we’ll ponder while sipping jet fuel as the week wears on (or out?).
~ George Ure

Then now, Pennsylvania

KOP Sinkhole Causing Huge Traffic Delays

Updated 4:22 PM EST, Fri, Feb 4, 2011
Crews were out Friday afternoon doing their best to patch, fill or in  some way fix a growing sinkhole on Rt. 202 near the King of Prussia Mall.

Lanes in both directions were shut, causing huge traffic delays.
The sinkhole is on the northbound side of the highway, just north of Mall Boulevard.
PennDOT said it would probably take crews until sometime Saturday to get rid of the sinkhole and repair the street.
Sinkholes in King of Prussia
1 of 7: Chopper 6 HD was over the scene on Friday afternoon as crews worked to repair a sinkhole in Route 202 at the King of Prussia Mall

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