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Monday, February 07, 2011

ARRESTED BY FEDS - Pole Shift videos gone

David ARRESTED BY FEDS - videos gone - Feb 5, 2011 for 'Message to Alex Jones' , page 1
Above Top Secret Forum 

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ARRESTED BY FEDS - videos gone - Feb 5, 2011 for Message to Alex Jones "retired guy" was arrested and held for 14 hours... his
account has been deleted.. his family is asking that EVERYONE REMOVE their 'mirrored' videos! 

Wow could this be true?!? If so then things just REALLY got deep 

Comments from youtuber (whose video I just received and linked above) exomatrixtv:

I have called your show, asked others to call your show, sent you emails and no response. Last Friday you received a call on-air from a woman claiming to be with the White Houseand making claims about the Obama Administrations knowledge of a Pole Shift around March 15, 2011. Hundreds of thousands of your listens dropped everything to hear her. I am not slamming Alex Jones. I believe he is under a great deal of pressure by HLS to avoid discussing Classified and Secret topics on his show. But now that the womans call was taken on-the-air live we need to know how she got on the air. Is she a whistle-blower telling us the truth about Obama's knowledge of a March 15th Pole Shift or a nut-case? What bothers me is them editing the call from his show on youtube as if none of us would react, like we were all asleep. I want the truth from him. Then you went to a commercial break and you didn't make any mention of her or the call when you returned on-air. To make matters more concerning your show edited out the call from that show you uploaded on youtube as if none of us would react or remember her statements. Your listeners understand that you are being watched and harassed by Homeland Security. You have said so on your show. I am asking you to come clean about the caller from last Friday's show and ask you to replay the call because if her statements are true this affects the lives of millions of people! I believe you are under threat, but I also believe you are a man of integrity so I am asking you to at least talk about it. We know that FEMA has ordered emergency food and other supplies because they believe some event will take place around March 15, 2011. The documents are online and on Now if you will just clear this up and also tell the public how HLS has threatened you then they will be exposed and your listeners can confront them about all of this now. Before it's too late! 
edit on 5-2-2011 by Newbomb Turk because: To add exomatrixtv's video comments

Edited to add the original youtube video from David "the retired guy" for those ATS'ers coming into this late. 

edit on 5-2-2011 by Newbomb Turk because: Add original video that got things started for continuity purposes

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