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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Supersized Weather-What’s going on

Supersized Weather

            marvinwolf1What’s going on with the weather? Science lesson time again. But, as usual, I’ll keep it simple, so even I can understand it.
            People who don’t believe in global warming say “Look, it’s snowing, so how can there be global warming?” Wrong. Global warming starts off by causing it to snow more. Yep.  Doesn’t sound right when you first hear it, but let me explain. Pollution causes the protective ozone layer around the earth to get thinner. Thinner ozone layer, more solar radiation gets through, so things get hotter, right? So, how does that make it snow?  Here’s an example - put a cup of water on a working radiator. It’s not hot enough to boil, but the water will evaporate away. The hotter the water, the more the evaporation. That’s what the sun does to the oceans. So when it’s hotter, there is more evaporation and more water goes into the atmosphere. Got it? But things don’t get hot all around the earth at the same time. The wet atmosphere circulates and eventually hits some cold Arctic air from the North Pole. What happens when water vapor gets cold? Put some water into the freezer and see for yourself. Turns to ice and snow, doesn’t it? So, more water in the air means more rain and snow on the ground. The weather gets more unstable and wonky. Same thing happens down on the lower part of the earth in Australia and Antarctica.  That’s why you see huge Queensland floods. For those who haven’t kept up with that news, it’s so bad in Australia that a 55 mile long river of flood waters has created a new small sea in the southwestern part of Australia. Tiger sharks are now swimming among the flooded homes.  Really. Then a huge cyclone hit northeastern Australia. And here you’ve been worried about Christina Aguilera flubbing the words to the National Anthem.
            But anyway, man-made global warming is the least of our problems. We’ve got bigger trouble. We’ve got trouble with a “t” and that rhymes with “p” and that stands for “polar shift.”  
            Surrounding the center core of our planet is a large amount of liquid iron that is very hot and spins very fast along with the earth. The hot spinning iron creates a magnetic field for our planet. That magnetic field extends past our atmosphere and pushes away high energy particles from the sun and from outer space so they don’t hit the earth and make things hotter than they are. If our planet didn’t have a magnetic field, high energy particles would hit the planet instead of being repelled into space, and we’d end up looking like our sister planet Venus (which is the same size as Earth, but where year round temperatures are hot enough to melt lead).
Since the magnetic field is caused by a spinning liquid magnet, the field shifts a little bit from year to year. If you take out your compass it doesn’t really point to the geographic North Pole, but rather to magnetic north which is not exactly located at the top of the planet. For the longest time, the pole was moving around about five miles each year. Until recently. Now it’s speeding up and moving 40 miles a year, and getting faster each year, plus it’s developing gap areas where there is no magnetic protection. Some scientists believe these gaps in the magnetosphere are letting in toxic cyanide-containing clouds called noctilucent clouds from the upper atmosphere and that’s what’s killing all the birds
Scientists think this means the magnetic poles are going to flip soon. The North and South magnetic poles change directions every new hundred thousands of years. This is called geomagnetic reversal. The planet itself doesn’t move, just the polarity of the magnetic fields changes. The thing is - the historical record indicates that before the poles change directions, the magnetic pole disappears completely. The last time this happened was 780,000 years ago, so we are overdue. Don’t believe it? Well, in Tampa, Florida, they are changing the magnetic navigation guidance numbers on the runways to keep up with the changes in the magnetic pole.
What happens when the field disappears when the ozone layer is so weak? No one knows for sure, but I’ll bet that means a lot more water will evaporate, and we’ll have a lot more rain and snow. The result will be more storms like the ones that hit Australia. Superstorms, but over here.
By the way, the planet’s geographical poles also physically shift a bit. They have a wobble like a spinning top. There’s a sort of pattern to the wobble, called precession. Without getting too scientific about it, the pattern is reliable. Or at least, it used to be. Because according to author Terrence Aym, the Earth’s wobble has disappeared. Where did it go? No one knows - maybe Lindsay Lohan took it. But he thinks all these signs are proof that another Ice Age is coming. Apparently, we were overdue for that too.
So maybe you’d better stock up on ice melt and sun block, unless maybe it’s just another liberal plot. Oh, and try not to breathe too much.

Marvin Wolf is a Newark consumer and bankruptcy law attorney who is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and a regular contributor to Local Talk. This article provides legal information, news and individual opinion, and not legal advice.  Mr. Wolf can be contacted through his office at (973) 735-2740 or his website

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written by Tex, February 09, 2011
I personally think all of this cold weather has a lot to do with the Icelandic volcano- Eyjafjallajökull that erupted last spring... Volcanic eruptions have altered weather throughout history. The bad news is that another Icelandic volcano- (Bárdarbunga) is set to erupt soon and it is predicted to have a much bigger impact than Eyjafjallajökull.... Check out this article about volcanic eruption altering weather...It sounds familiar...

I would agree that there are some strange magnetic anomalies occurring but who can predict that a pole shift will happen anytime soon. I sure hope not!

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