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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dryer Lint Effects on Plants

Plants fertilized with dryer lint need less water to thrive.

Plants Need Less Water

  1. Dryer lint is a nuisance everyone must rid their dryers of to avoid the possibility of fire. Instead of throwing away all that lint, though, throw it into soil or your planting pots. Dryer lint fertilizes plants, keeps them warm and keeps soil from spilling out of plant pots. If you still have lint leftover after donating it to your plants, give it to birds and other nesting animals for use in building their next nests.

    Plants Need Less Water

  1. Science News For Kids says that mixing dryer lint into soil increases the number of air pockets in the soil, which causes plants to require less water for optimal health. Dryer lint is also an effective fertilizer, as long as the lint comes from all natural fibers such as cotton (no polyester). Worms readily eat lint and fertilize the soil with their excrement; plants grown in lint-fertilized soil are unusually healthy in addition to needing less water. 
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    Keeps Plants Warm

  1. Dryer lint is an effective mulch for plants. You can put it around the plant's base or over the surface of potting soil prior to planting. The lint conserves moisture, which keeps the plant warmer during cold weather. You can use lint to keep both indoor and outdoor plants warm.

  2. Keeps Soil in Pots

  3. Dryer lint is an effective plant liner. When placed in the bottom of plant pots, it holds soil in the pot without inhibiting the drainage of excess water after the plant is watered every day.

  4. Other Uses for Dryer Lint

  5. Dryer lint has other uses in nature other than helping plants. Birds enjoy using lint when building nests, and rodents, such as hamsters and guinea pigs, also use it as a nesting material. Dryer lint is highly flammable and is used to start campfires. In addition, you can make clay with lint, providing your children with a new toy while aiding the environment through recycling.

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