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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Are Preparations Being Implemented By The Elite?

SAMF2000 | February 08, 2011 |  likes, 1 dislikes
Is there proof that there are people around the world that are taking steps for a future Event of massive devastation?



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  • From what I hear it is elanin that will align with the earth around march 15th and cause a pole shift, not a full but partial shift. I hope this is wrong info...
  • @Kaydondada Yes that is exactly what I heard. Which is why I wanted to know its size. How a comet can interact with south pole depends on its mass I think... but we shall see thanks for your input
  • What if the asteroid that suppose to come close to us on March 15 gets by an unseen object hits it enough to make it come closer to earth than 2006? Just a speculation
  • @tonycns anything is possible with a push either of of these object could change trajectories
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  • Well done, thank you and God Bless
  • Great video.
    But the seed vault isn't in a mountain in Norway. It's on Svalbard. An island north of Norway. There it's cold all year. Not in Norway, we have 6 months with spring and summer....
  • the children should be first to be safe.
  • Samf2000 right on all counts, I've had he same thoughts on each point you covered
  • Excelent presented. thanks for the info
  • Great report!
  • SAMMY!!!!!!!! now your truly awake , welcome to the nightmare....
  • SamF200 - Great video and presentation BUT - This bit about the Security camps..okay they exsist but if they exsist now and the earth 'pole shifts' on its axis what's to say they will still be there after this event. Pretty sure nobody can plan for sure what turning circle Mother earth will have after this event. Your matter of fact way of delivery is easy listening on what what I think I know is factual. Only recently I started looking at the stars and someone said Chemtrails - WHAT! WTF:O)
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YouTube - Are Preparations Being Implemented By The Elite?

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