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Monday, February 07, 2011

Web Bot ALTA PREDICTONS 2011/2012

Interesting, the below 'computer based web bot predictions' line up w/ many biblical prophecies and or modern prophets!  Prepare.  



The following is a summary of the latest Web Bot (Advanced Linguistics Technical Analysis) report –  for more info see  

ALTA Predictions for 2011 / 2012

Humanity is entering a dangerous period.  Emotional tensions will be building until the next release point on March 21st, 2011. The release point will mark a flood of information that will alter the human order here on earth. The markets are a basket-case about to collapse – a planet wide crisis is coming.

The time of the US dollar acting as the world's reserve currency is ending and its collapse will be the epicenter of the next leg in the world's financial crisis. A dollar based currency depression is coming on fast which will cause large social order changes this year. Precious metals will leap in price this spring but problems for owners from governments are coming later this year. Massive failure to perform from sovereign states is coming this spring causing cascading defaults. The American standard of living is going to be severely reduced this year. Austerity is coming, forced by empty shelves and half filled delivery trucks.

Earth Changes

In addition, massive earth changes are coming including earthquakes, new oceanic phenomena, shifting magnetic poles. Military officials will begin to leak information about solar changes that are being observed which will stun the unsuspecting public. Toxic contamination from increased solar radiation, along with depleting magneto-sphere shields, will create radiation problems over the next several years. The mainstream news (MSN) will begin to report on radiation dangers from space later this year. Airline radiation exposure will become a news item.

The magnetic poles of the earth will split into multiple poles later this year causing chaos in all forms of electromagnetic devices. Toroid energy fields will develop impacting human brain functions enough to cause internal thinking disruptions and cognitive impairment. The appearance of the Toroid energy fields will mark the point of no-return. The growing sink hole problems will go amok consuming large buildings, entire lakes and rivers will be swallowed. 2011 will be the peak year for floods. The forecasted atmospheric rivers (prior ALTA reports) are now being discussed in the MSN.

The world will witness the first planetary earthquakes later this year; these quakes will be international in the level of infrastructure damage inflicted with the USA affected. The major earth changes of 2011 will impact economic trade between nations.

A new form of weather is coming to the world; the language for which has not yet been developed. Cloud formations described as dangerous, sudden shifts in temperatures and relative humidity hazardous to humans and plant and animal life. Dramatic temperature drops in higher altitudes. Volcanic eruptions will continue and grow causing major refugee movements.

The coming earth changes will be blamed for the global food crisis of 2011. The Toroid field changes will alter the ocean currents, distorting the coasts and causing tidal flooding. Shocking snow storms, ice storms and a very long winter are upon us. The Toroid field changes are projected to be so powerful that no go zones will emerge where electrical appliances and vehicle motors will cease functioning.

Storm damage in Europe will so extreme to cause immigrants to Europe to return to their country of origin. Further problems for the Gulf of Mexico are projected requiring evacuations of coastal populations due to environmental contamination.

Critical Mass Mathematics

The Powers That Be (TPTB) know that a critical mass exists within any population size where their power structure will fail. This occurs because at that number, a sufficient ratio or awakened humans to the general population would exist. As this critical mass number is reached, things change. Think of it as the acceptance of a new product or idea, once a sufficient number have, it suddenly catches on en mass and everyone has to have it… a tipping point is reached and whole system changes… TPTB know, as anyone skilled in math, that it is easier to control one side of the equation, thus their desire to keep the population numbers down. It is easier to control 500 million than 10 billion people. Compounding their problem, is the coming earth changes, and the US dollar collapse will be so huge, that the propaganda press will be inadequate to cover up or explain away what is going on or why officialdom hasn't got a clue…

Population of the USA

The death of the dollar this spring will cause widespread upheaval in civil life within the USA . Civil unrest, riots as well as armed insurrection is coming. The violence will rise to the level of mobs burning banking and government minions alive along with their families. A major national riot will start in a city north of DC but itself will spread like fire. The Mother of All Riots is coming to the US this year. The primary motivators for the riots will be hyper inflation of food prices, massive lay-offs and the collapse of the dollar based banking system. Electrical outages lasting for days, empty food shelves in city stores, worthless government food vouchers will kindle the flames. A "we have been raped" meme will rise from the chant of the crowds - raped of social security, raped of retirements, and raped of the value of their savings and income from the hyper-inflation over 2011. Chaos across the planet, food riots followed by government collapse as the dominos fall… Beginning with the hyperinflation in food, forecasted as starting this spring at regional levels around the globe, the crisis will wake up the sleeping masses who have thus far managed to avoid having their sleep disturbed by the growing changes around them…. That will end this year as the masses wake up to the harsh reality of the New World Order. Stated another way, once the shock from recognition of the fundamental changes has settled in, the vast herd of sleeping sheeple will attempt to wake up and self educate on the new reality.

The dollar death will produce an immediate freak out period followed by a calm period as the US population attempts to assess the impact. That will quickly change as the social order unravels in the wake of the famines and food shortage riots begin to sweep the globe. It would be easy to assume the dollar death will be the primary problem confronting Americans in 2011, but such is not the case. The bigger problems will come from the growing earth changes with the most destructive being the wide spread flooding of later this year. The coming floods will be so massive that the Katrina event will appear a mere rehearsal.

The combination of these disruptions will be so widespread that several professional sporting events will be cancelled next season (later this year). The already violent year will become even more so as the many pressures on the population break down the tenuous grasp many humans have on reality.

The forecasted bird and fish die offs are here now (ALTA 12/2009). This year is the year of acceleration, and it is indeed here, and now.

The views, opinions, & teachings of others are not 100% agreed with by this ministry, but are sent to provoke you to study & seek out the truth for yourself.  If you have questions about anything written by others, please contact "them".  Also, please do NOT use the address, but you may use  Thank you.

All messages from this ministry are archived, & may be read at  

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Ellen Cary, Prophetic Minister
Daystar Healing Ministries
P.O.  Box 736
Keller, TX   76244
Isaiah 54:17  No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

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  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    LOL Did you smoke the whole bowl again? I told you no more than half! You'll never listen until you find yourself lying in Wendy's bathroom in the far stall unconscious with your pants around your ankles and 7 midgets standing over you laughing. Now stop writing this garbage and use your noggin for something worthwhile. Your friend from the "Inside" JKM.

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    FYI I truly would appreciate you posting my earlier comment as I found it absolutely hilarious. Remember, you scratch my back I scratch yours. Maybe I'll drop a few bread crumbs on this site for you to digest. Your friend from the "Inside" JKM

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    JKM, what are you talking about and who the heaven are you? If I go unconscious I won't even notice myself, the pants, the midgets. How could I find myself if I'm unconscious? Half of what? Do you publish a blog? Nobody told me half of anything, not even a fraction. It's definitely worthwhile, if my readership is growing.. as yours will too, if I refer to your blog. Count your blessings. LOL!

  4. Where is your earlier comment? I AM SCRATCHING... my head. Earlier than your smoking bowl midget pants reference? I'm no longer Snow White, you know, underneath this blonde head is a very smart grey brunette. :-)

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    All overblown crap, but there is some truth to it. Nov 17 2011
    Para1. "emotional Tensions", Occupy Wall Street is the new world order. The markets are a mess, big deal.
    Para2. Part 1 correct, part 2, Greece and Italy.
    Para3 and 4. Yes, it appears that the magnetic poles are shifting, no radiation increase as of now. 2011 was the year of the flood worldwide. Nothing new there, again no big deal.
    Para5. Not happening.
    Para6. Same as 5
    Para7. Global food prices are rising, no crises though. A freak east cost October snow, big deal. no coastal changes. Toroid fields, not happening
    Para8. Really dumb. Immigrants might flee Europe b/c of the callapse of the Euro but haven't seen it yet.
    Para9. Pure Garbage. No earth changes. I like the last line. Describes What has happened on Aug 2nd and Obama, the Democratic Party and the left media don't have a clue.
    Para10. describes Occupy Wall Street(OWS) to a tee. Amazing. The motivation is Obama, not what was said in the paragraph.
    Para11. Describes the rest of the population trying to figure out OWS.
    Para12. OWS will get worse, go figure.


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