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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mutant Super Rats 'Spreading Across UK'

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Last month a couple in Camden, north London, found their baby girl covered in blood after being bitten by a rat.

Brian Watson with a giant rat
Brian Watson, with the "giant rat" he found and killed

In April, grandad Brian Watson told how he battered a "giant rat" to death in Consett, County Durham.
University of Reading researcher Alan Buckle has backed the use of new poisons after finding evidence of rats in Oxfordshire and Berkshire developing resistance to conventional rodenticides.
He told the Daily Telegraph: "Studies show a large part of southern England has rats who have mutated to resist standard poisons.
"Pest controllers are having problems and more potent poisons need to be used carefully and responsibly."

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Graham Chapple from Newbury-based Rapid Pest Control told Sky News: "They're super rats in that they've genetically mutated and developed resistance to the poisons we currently use.
"The recent wet weather and flooding we've had has seen them pushed out of the sewers and we've had a lot more calls about people seeing rats in the loft or spotting them during the day, which used to be relatively rare.
"They're just looking for somewhere safe to do what rats do, which is breed prolifically.
"The mutations seem to be spreading reasonably quickly and I know they are having problems in Birmingham, Scotland, Hampshire and other areas.

Mutant Rats: Catchers Call For Stronger Poison

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Mutant Super Rats 'Spreading Across UK'

Rat catchers are asking for permission to use stronger poisons to deal with a plague of super rats that have developed resistance to common vermin control methods.

The mutant brown rats, which carry life-threatening diseases, have been emerging from their traditional havens in sewers and ditches and taking refuge in people's homes.

The problem has been made worse by recent wet weather, which has driven hordes of rats from flooded drains.

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