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Sunday, December 23, 2012

“We’re Way Past Coincidence”,Sandy Hook,Batman

“We’re Way Past Coincidence”: John Moore Breaks Down Batman, Aurora & The Sandy Hook School Shootings

From Ken Marble, via Larry Taylor, From-the-Edge-Alerts

Saturday, December 22, 2012
By Paul Martin
By Live Free or

Friday, December 21, 2012
I don’t want to give everything away but in a synopsis you will find in the below email this message was from Dutchsinse.

There are two video links totaling over 20 minutes from a guy who did a pretty good job breaking down a scene in the Batman movie has reference to Sandy Hook and many other things including underground tunnels and the future maps of Amerika as depicted by FEMA and others. And it is Batman the Dark Knight movie where a mass shooting on opening night in Aurora CO  @ Century 16 movie theaters has become a strong indicator of a psychological operation. John Moore as you know, has been researching these future maps that have existed for decades and the US government has plans for on file. Linked to the New Madrid Fault. And of course I have been asking for coordination on the sinkhole phenomenon esp in LA.
Adding more dimension could be a covert and deliberate attempt to lubricate the fault from the Gulf of Mexico courtesy of the BP corp.

Put it all together and it is pretty spooky. Also note Ann in discussion with John regarding the jet stream going over the pole. I won’t bother to explain it now. But as I said, the Arctic Circle has been a consideration. So pieces are being removed and we just put them in check.
Keep frosty. Pun intended.
See below next and then go [up]   /|\ \    for the link and the John Moore audio. Use the video links at Dutchsinse.
P.S. Paul Martin was heard speaking on the Randy Yarbrough show that will continue to repeat periodically
 or KHNC, AM 1360 Johnstown CO. Paul has the revolutionradio site and was breaking down the bleak supply problems related to guns. Confirmed inventory out on certain models at Walmart etc. Ammo out. Basically said if you are looking for something, you might just have to settle on whatever is available.
John has strong observations for what is coming and I think it is just time for the anti - gun crap to stop. No more incremental steps either. This is it bud. Time.
2nd star,
Starlight* V
© 2012 Global Elite Brotherhood

“We’re Way Past Coincidence”: John Moore Breaks Down Batman, Aurora & The Sandy Hook School Shootings
Friday, December 21, 2012 19:31

John Moore starts todays show with Earth changes and quickly moves on to the continued fallout surrounding the Sandy Hook school shootings including the idea being floated around of arming teachers and administrators to plant the seed of doubt in any potential future shooters minds. A school system in his area finds administrators ready to arm teachers right now. 

John also talks about the harassment gun shops are getting around the country. At the 5 minute mark, John breaks down what he feels might be the govts next response to destroying the 2nd Amendment in America, limitations on gun sales which might lead to a violent response from the gun community leading to paramilitary operations by our own govt against Americans. 

John wouldn’t put it past the govt to stage an event to help this operation along. Then, John gets deep into the ‘coincidences’ that both the Aurora, Colorado shootings and the Sandy Hook shootings have with the Batman movie. “We’re way past coincidence.”

Published on Dec 21, 2012

12/22/2012 — Batman map = strike zone New Madrid = Louisiana Sinkhole

by sincedutch
Batman map = strike zone = New Madrid / Louisiana Sinkhole? part 1:
part 2:
------------- First things first.. this is all opinion at this point.. don't know what to expect (if anything) 
to actually come from this... but its worthy to note the coincidences. Batman target Map shows
 strike zone -- I-35 to I-65 --

12/22/2012 — Batman map = strike zone New Madrid = Louisiana Sinkhole? I-35 to I-65..

Batman map = strike zone = New Madrid / Louisiana Sinkhole?
part 1:

part 2:

First things first.. this is all opinion at this point.. don’t know what to expect (if anything) to actually come from this… but its worthy to note the coincidences.
Batman target Map shows strike zone — I-35 to I-65 .

batman map

Below is a much more detailed Batman / Gotham City map — from the Batman Video game (viewable on the Nokia Maps option).. street names more visible.. also Sandy Hook shown in the video game map as well: (click to enlarge)
Gotham City streetmap, Detailed streetmap of Gotham City
ts weird enough that Sandy Hook was a match for a strike zone in real life.. and the Batman movie ITSELF was a strike zone this past summer in real life (James Holmes / Colorado shooter)…… however,  if you compare the batman map names to a REAL map, things get even more strange.
These highways shown in the fictional “batman map” , I-35 to I-65,   in the real world – they surround Louisiana.. from south central Texas eastwards to Mobile Alabama.
I35 and I65 highway batman map
Now, Add in the Boat tour shown on the map.. sunken streets NAMED AFTER FISH — and the Mississippi River overlay — and you get a real shady conspiracy brewing.
Keep all that in mind, and lets go back a week.. to this post I made (scroll down here on my facebook page to see the original post : )
On December 8, 2012 Saturday Night Live did a very “strange” skit — no one knows what it means…
Yahoo news says this:
“So Weird, It’s Funny: Maine Justice
Wait, why does everyone in this Maine courtroom speak with a Louisiana accent? Why did they play “When the Saints go marching in?” What’s going on here? We were confused for most of the sketch — maybe it was a town with a lot of Hurricane Katrina refugees — but Jason Sudeikis’s crazy Col. Sanders and a cameo by a moonshine-swilling Charlie Day made this whole bizarre thing kind of hilarious. “
Watch the SNL skit in light of Bayou Corne Sinkhole.. listen to key words.. make the association of BANGor Maine.. Sinking of the maine.. rising water.. and the end.. ass on fire across the bayou..
This is a veiled reference… if it was just a one time occurrence , I wouldn’t say anything.. but last year… before the Japan earthquake.. three weeks before…. they ran this skit: “a spot of tea”… at the time it didn’t make sense… 3 weeks BEFORE the massive Japan Earthquake…
All of the above points to one thing, and one thing alone:  The Edgar Cayce and Gordon Michael Scallion ‘psychic’ maps of a submerged central United States..  (not that I believe this map to be accurate, or Edgar Cayce to be ‘legitimate’.. but comparing these does show some similar attributes).
Speculations, speculation!

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