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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Ascension Lie Flatters your Ego


Published on Jul 4, 2012 By ArtsyFartsyWoman
This video is more of a continuation of my testimony about God saving me from the false doctrines of the "Ascension Process" and "Spiritual Awakening". I hope anyone who is currently practicing this will realize it is a doctrine of Satan and the only Spiritual Awakening we need in our lives today is a Spiritual Awakening to Jesus Christ.

Youtube cut me short at the end but I just wanted to say God Bless you to anyone who watches this and ask that if you haven't already, to turn your life to Jesus Christ.

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    Blogger Note: I seen no reason not to view 'evolution', 'kundalini rising', 'the 'Big Bang', reincarnation, etc. as not being within God's physical laws, His 'mechanisms' of his law of physics, supernatural laws also - why not?

    To me it does not invalidate Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah and our Saviour.

    Uploader Comments (artsyfartsywoman)

    • roowah33
      Wow... Someone who professes to be Christ like, you have come off quite nasty and judgmental. I my friend will pray for you ;)..i will not feed your negative energy with any further communication I'm sorry you are so Angry...
    • artsyfartsywoman
      I have never professed to be "christ like" only to be a follower of Christ. Im sorry the real truth, which you took as being nasty and judgmental, stepped on your toes somewhat. Again, I pray you will find the true blessing of salvation through Jesus Christ. I will be praising God today that he found me worthy enough to be persecuted for his name's sake.
       ·  in reply to roowah33

    • One who claims that the ascension process and spiritual awakening are not taking place, have clearly not experienced the physical and emotional, and spiritual realities, that those who are going through it can claim.
      The ideas of religion and worship have nothing to do with spirituality. Those are prison programs that take away our connection to the prime creator. I bless and honor your journey... But stop telling people what they are going through is not real or a lie... The church has been
    • artsyfartsywoman
      I don't know who you think YOUR prime creator is but I know it was God whom created this entire universe and everything in it. To say believing in God has nothing to do with spirituality, well, my friend, you couldn't be further from the truth. One can become awakened to the fact that God is real and begin a TRUE spiritual journey through Him but the idea that we are all our own God is a false teaching brought forth by Satan and his Demons. I pray you will "wake up" to Jesus Christ!
       ·  in reply to roowah33

      • The dark forces, aka "Satan" (a word derived from ancient Egyptian meaning 'ego') seek to flatter, to appeal to the ego, by using idealistic sounding words such as 'light' and 'love' in order to deceive us in this earthly plane of duality - the game of life, the arena of learning lessons. God, our one creator and Love itself has placed before us each day choices between good and evil. The Bible is a supernatural instrument with hidden codes at many different levels, with guidance and prophesy.
         ·  in reply to artsyfartsywoman (Show the comment)
        • GlobalRumblings
          And letting go of ego, needing to be 'right', one can humbly with an open mind, but protected by God's Holy Spirit, see that the Torah's prophecies of a Messiah are fulfilled in the person of Jesus, the Christ, the "Anointed One'. The Gospel, meaning 'Good News' brings us Jesus's messages delivered by his prophesised sacrifice of his very Self in order to balance the debt. ('Karma', if you will) Satanic forces led by the fallen angel Lucifer,,all evil forces in this dual world are led by anger, fear, jealousy, contention but can and do disguise themselves with beautiful words, and seeming goodness, in order to gain control and lead you astray.
           ·  in reply to GlobalRumblings (Show the comment)

    • Many get defensive when presented with truth. The truth can and does hurt, sometimes. Especially, the everlasting truths of our Lord Jesus Christ. May you find Him Roowah.
       ·  in reply to roowah33 (Show the comment)
    • iSirDShaw
    • Emecepola
      I agree "Roman Catholic Empire" Is in their last moments.... their corrupt doctrine is coming to light. as more people are awakening and being aware.. of what the "INQUISITION" really was.. and.... sadly a lot more stuff that I dont even want to thing or type about :).
      • GlobalRumblings
        That was then, this is now. The christian Faith was deposited in the Catholic church. Although the human side of it is full of sin, the power of the Holy Spirit is very much alive in it. The RC is the church Satan loves to hate because it is now the foremost leader in keeping the faith. The ego doesn't like to be held to the highest standards. RC is for Life, tells you like it is, never flatters your ego, or panders to your lower bodily desires. The supernatural church Jesus founded is Holy.
         ·  in reply to Emecepola (Show the comment)
    • Emecepola
      If you mind I can share my experience..When I saw this.I cried like a baby from the overwhelming love and pure white energy that was rushing thought my physical essence. I have thanks to the Lord for stepping in my life and to stand with me until today as one of my beautiful Guides and protectors..archangel Michael and gabriel, Padre pio, Lord Ramaya, Padre Hurtado, have stepped ON, in this way. Now if you dont consider this a holy spiritual experience. the I have nothing to reply to you nomore
       ·  in reply to HisChildMelissa75 (Show the comment)
    • Emecepola
      Lol.. Ma'am.. you are literally trying to sabotage ascension. The energy that keep increasing need to be tamed.. some people will take this in a positive receptive way.. and some will be affected negatively.
      In the beginning they warned you, Kundalini awakening can be harmful if not managed with wisdom. sadly you are one of those people that had been affected negatively.
      but that does not mean you can come to youtube talking bad about it. that literally goes against the free will God have us.
       ·  in reply to HisChildMelissa75 (Show the comment)

      I had a near death experience in 1965 which opened my eyes to the reality that God is Love but did not protect me from having my ego flattered and falling into sin from which on our own we are never free. My Kundalini was raised in a dramatic experience months later. The following years have taken me through lowest and highest experiences, and through trial and many errors, can see the difference between New Age and true Padre Pio spirituality. Now I know for certain that Jesus is our Saviour.
       ·  in reply to Emecepola (Show the comment)
    • HisChildMelissa75
      The "Jesus Christ" you saw with your 3rd eye is not the Jesus Christ who died on the cross for my sins and the whole worlds too. That was Satan that you saw and I will be praying for you and your soul. Please come to know the real Jesus.
       ·  in reply to Emecepola (Show the comment)
    This is the true 'spiritual awakening'. 

    We are sinners here in this duality - always - so quit despairing about the imperfections here - focus on the Eternal Perfection in God's forgiveness.  

    Be in His Eternal Love. 

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