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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Obama Knows about End of World Cycle

Government  Secrets

- What  Obama  Knows  about  Dec.  21  2012

- Full part 1.m4v

CAVEAT:  This is a long rambling video -- hard to glean anything about 'what Obama knows'.   Besides, the video is four years old.   Nevertheless, there is some useful and very interesting speculation and information, but it takes patience.

Reasonable comments:

Is not a hypothesis. look at the signs; economy recession, Arab spring, mass riots and demonstration world wide...every where I look there is a uprising. The world is changing so fast and we're are at verge of destruction. All these signs are telling us what is waiting for us+ there are some hidden agendas withing governments!
"Doomsday Seed Vault"

it's actually unknown whether the count ends on the 21st or the 23rd. so the sheeple won't technical get shut down until the 23rd. but, wouldn't it be funny if the 23rd was the correct translation and on the 22nd everyone is laughing and breathing a sigh of relief not knowing about the 23rd: and then on the 23rd- BOOM! that would be hilarious.


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