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Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/21/12-What Have we Learned? What DID we Know?

12/21/12...What Did We Know and What Have We Learned?
Posted: 21 Dec 2012 11:50 AM PST

Thanks to Larry Taylor, From the Edge Alerts  for this insight.

The 12/21/12 doomsday prophecy...what did we know and what have we learned?

These talking points?

1. The entire fiasco was conjecture...then again, it could happen tomorrow. 

2. The Mayan calendar, in fact, did not predict a global castastrophe. 

3. People in the Maya community tried to tell us that it was bullshit. 

4. Thousands of books and articles on the subject are moot. 

5. Some people actually believed the hype and committed suicide. 

6. People who plan their lives according to prophecy need to wake up. 

7. I actually won a bet...still can't figure out how they expected to collect if they would have been correct.

 If you have more to add...feel free to do so. 


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And who can really deny that the "End of the World as We Know it" HAS changed in large and small increments? 

Think about it - is the world the same as it was ten years ago?  What has changed?  What trends are increasing?  Earthwise, global politics, economics?  Solar trends?What changes are affecting us personally and globally?

What DO we know?

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