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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strange Noises Heard Around The World Mainstream Reporting Jan 26, 2012

And trying to explain away as 'normal'.

Even if there are scientific, natural explanations of these mysterious sounds coming from everywhere around the world this in no way would preclude or negate the prophecies of a 'horn' blowing, specifically Gabriel's horn as the Bible describes the fair warning!  

Biblical prophecies foretell natural happenings in allegorical, poetic language, without any scientific explanation.  A scientific explanation does not do away with the meaning of these noises.  If it is magnetic, auroral, environmental, scalar, etc. why now?  Why at all?

So what is different about these particular times?  Would a more primitive society, or an even more ancient historian than the biblical ones describe these sounds as horns? Anyone listening to the sounds of the Shofar can discern the similarity to these noises. And to the earth groaning. Birth pangs?  Wouldn't an ancient civilization leave us descriptions in terms that they thought we might be able to understand when these things occur in their far future, our present? And these occurrences come before some huge thing happens globally, perhaps even galaxy wide, a catastrophic happening - which according to geological records, and ancient texts, have happened before many times in long cycles of time, from 'age to age' - nothing anyone living today could possibly remember within their own lifetime, therefore we must look at the clues of ancient texts and geological records in the earth itself. ~  DrRohe

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The expert's best explanation is: It's "ELECTROMAGNETIC NOISE" being picked from environmental antennas from Earth's magnetic field. These noises are emitted from the North and South Poles and auroras and/or radiation belts near the South Pole.

This makes logical sense to me, but I've never heard these noises before in my 40+ years on this planet. I'm sure they're millions of people on this planet that would agree. What the expert failed to mention is... this is not a normal occurrence. If his theory is correct, then something in our solar system (micro) or galaxy (macro) is exciting Earth's North and South Poles to cause this strange sound. So, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this as just a normal thing.

As our solar system continues it's journey towards the "galactic center", are these sounds going to become more common and with greater intensity and frequency?

So, is the Bible correct when they refer to these sounds as trumpets in the "Book of Revelations"?

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Whales and dolphins are doing these sounds strange as it may seem. They energize water clouds to listen to us. In a way it is the whales and the dolphins trying to communicate with us and especially listen. If you look at all those videos you'll notice there is water clouds. Open your mind to the truth and listen to heart.


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