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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Psychic's predictions for 2012

Add to the list of speculations, if you please.

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Uploaded by on Jan 7, 2012
This psychic predicted 9/11 years in advance.
What he has for 2012 is unbelievable, and obviously he's been right several before.
The guy speaks french, but the video is subtitled in English.
I didn't find anything else on this guy. Anyone knows who he is?

You joined Youtube on Jan 7, 2012, and have one lifetime video upload, It begs the question where did you find the source of this video if its from 1980. I've done an extensive Google search and there are no other sources...Please answer this question as i have many credible sources in the media and always fact check. Until its verified or the interviewee is a credible physic this is misinformation.
  • pardon: perderci tempo a spiegarlo
  • E' un falso .....questo sono molti segnali nella esposizione che lo dimostrano....non è il caso di perderci tempo a spiegarlo
  • the camera filming this doesn't even seem to be that old. i say this is fake!!
  • Arranged scene. You find tons of 80s Records and Furniture if you plan a scene like this
  • His pants and glasses are not 1980 either. I hate fakers!!
  • @schippifant1 then what is he....a DJ? With all those LP's in the background and the 80's style furniture - come on!

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