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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Secrets in Plain Sight (Full video)

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  • Why did US encode all this Egyptian stuff? Simple, Israel went after other gods.
    US Israel relations are basically the Southern kingdom (Judah) and the Northern kingdom (Ephraim) relations. Joseph (Ephraim+Manasseh, Israel) is the 13th tribe.
    Masons have fallen for the very first lie of Satan, and that is "you will be like gods if you do as I say".

  • @hipcat13 You can also reduce anything to coincidence, happenstance, randomness, etc. if that's what you really want to see, or if the alternative is discomforting.
    Illuminati Files

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  1. From our ignorant and rather helpless point of view we can only speculate concerning the wisdom so tightly held by a segment of our society that they would prefer to (and have in the past) perish en-mass rather than reveal their secrets.

    What was lost in the fires of the ancient library at Alexandria were thousands of pieces of recorded data containing plain language explanations for the workings of the now secret but mostly fractured Masonic Code (most likely complete formulae and instructions for scientific and medical applications beyond our wildest dreams) that were once the property of people we know as the ancient mythical gods and demi-gods of Eurasia. The Freemasons now protect what is left of that information with such zeal that they have all but self destructed in their effort to maintain secrecy. Sworn to this secrecy they are becoming ever more a shadow society of wise men and alchemists or wizards in the strictest sense of the word. Without the critical interpretations or "keys" which were lost in the distant past to fear or jealous politics, the Masons are bound to conceal indecipherable bits of information linked to a far distant past until a Messiah arrives to "fill in the blanks" and properly interpret the ancient code, thus forever binding the "Beast" which writhes within. Code that is believed to literally cause form to follow function reaching back perhaps dozens of millenia to the days when Mother Earth dictated the comings and goings of all things, be they spirits or flesh, upon her lands and seas or the heavans above.

    If anything, the Masons, along with their previous generations, the Knights Templar, Druids, Celts, Gnostics, Akkadians, Sumerians and others before the "re-dawn" of written history should NOT be held in contempt or suspicion but are to be praised for their faithful guardianship of the breath-taking information that eventually will once again be properly used and fully understood by a mature and peace loving world.


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