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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chemtrail time lapse in St. Louis Missouri 1/30/2012

65F/18C in January !

Uploaded by  on Jan 30, 2012
View from my house -- on 1/30/2012 -- 3pm CST.

Several chemtrails spread throughout the day -- here is a timelapse -- sped up 8X normal. You can see the pattern they spread --- long trails --- X's in the sky .. ripple cloud afterwards , a sign of the frequency manipulation that occurs post spraying.

Location : south St. Louis Missouri


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The chemtrails are being sprayed here in Miami FL over the past few weeks also. Many people buying Claritin, and Mucinex I propose.  

Top Comments

  • The contrail and the chemtrail, at the same time....nice
  • I've been filming off & on since I got off work this morning. It was insane! Great job with the time-lapse. I have been wanting to try that as well.
    • Actually right over my head, I spotted a jet dispersing along exact path of where a previous chemtrail had dissipated to point of being "cloud-like"....guess they thought we needed a double dose !
    • Great Post!
      The whole USA is getting Bombed!
      Something is up!
      Groundhogs day/Candlemas day is just a few days away!
      They are Spraying "A"s & "X"s ....AX
    • Hi Dutch...I'm in Northern Chile at the time and my sky looks exactly like yours! They've, TPTB, have been spraying since 5:30 AM, all the way til 3:00 PM. It sucks, b/c we can't see the stars at night!
    • Super bowl in Indy soon, and they've just been spraying the heck out of us here in Indiana. Moreso than usual I should say. Just muck muck muck. Still, Venus was shining brightly through it tonight.
    • got you good, sucks to wake up and go outside at 630 and say to your self, damn, going to be nice today, not a chemtrail in sight, then one, two, three, by 900 the whole sky is another blanket of hazy lines.
      I would love to go on vacation and see blue skies again in thailand or something.
    • @TheXFactorisShite Seen it first hand second hand and million hand. Read about it watched videos and researched it. On any given day one just needs to look up.
      The plan is to eradicate millions. This is merely part of that plan.
    • Everyone who views this video should FOIA and Privacy Act request their congressman for the department, bureau, agency, or service and the budget for this climate control spray program so that we can see who is behind all this deadly spray. I am a known rebel, remember Libyan rebels are good according to Hillary, white Christian males are bad terrorists, and my requests and petitions for enforcement fall on deaf ears. However, people who are not so well known as I may get a response. L -o-
    • Here in Joplin, MO the chemtrails were covering entire sky today around lunchtime, heaviest dispersal I have notice thus far...took video & pics.
    • @apollocircle they were trying to stop this in Suffolk County,NY-not sure how far it went,but it was at the local level


March 2011, Miami, Florida Chemtrails and Contrails in Same Sky

Government Experiments and Photos of Planes with Spraying Equipment. 
What! Has this been removed? The website is gone.
Various Chemtrail Websites Links 

Chemtrails one Winter Day in KansasThanks to Carol Becker
What made me take chemtrails very seriously

Government Bill:  Look Up Do a search for Chemtrails
Compare Bills HR2977 and HR3616 - 
CHEMTRAILS DISAPPEAR? Rep. Kucinich rewrites
the Space Preservation Act
  Well, what do you think?
They're still up there - only now the term is excluded along with
 'tectonic' weapons and others. 

 Does this mean that Chemtrails and the others mentioned are 'Weapons' that are
'already developed' which are not included in the banning of space weapons?
If you've ever studied Logic, the answer would be Yes.

Contributing sources:
Shaperite Global Rumblings Page 1.

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