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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sound Vibrations

From the archives:
Research Into Sound Vibrations Hints At Incredible Effect Of 'Sacred' Language

A few weeks back we had a story on a Japanese researcher who believes the formation of water crystals can be affected by the emotional, spiritual environment -- and even music.

A pleasant atmosphere and classical music caused crystals that were beautiful, he claims. Water from shrines like Lourdes made for complete, gorgeous crystals -- as did prayer and repetition of the word "angel," says the scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Words of "thanks" had the most beneficial effect.

To the contrary, negativity and heavy-metal rock music seemed to stunt crystals (as did words like "you stink," or "Satan," the latter creating a formation that resembled the eye of a reptile).

This all occurred as water was exposed to such written or spoken words at the time it froze. Can we influence the atmosphere in such a way? Is there really anything to it? And if so, what does it tell us about how our words and thoughts may affect everything -- and everyone -- around us? Might this research have implications for Holy Water, blessed salt, and the Transubstantiation (in addition to a green thumb)?

Uploaded by  on Sep 16, 2008
Positive and Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals. Science.

Those are questions to mull over as we try to remain cautious and yet open-minded in this reality that one famous philosopher (albeit a non-believer) once said was "not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine."

The safe route is what the Church accepts, and only what its astute minds deem as credible.
But the information is mesmerizing. A "new age" way of thinking -- or old age?

It comes to our attention that years ago -- in fact, back in the 18th century -- a musician-physicist named Ernst Chladni (who was born the same year as Mozart, and died the same year as Beethoven) discovered that when he drew the bow of a violin against the edge of flat plates covered with sand, it produced geometric patterns. Physical sounds, it was shown, affected physical matter.

In 1967, a Swiss doctor named Hans Jenny took up Cladni's work and demonstrated that when he vibrated plates at various frequencies and amplitudes, he generated various patterns. He called the science of this "cymatics."
And beautiful indeed were the forms.

Using iron filings, mercury, thick fluids, plastic-like substances, and gases, he demonstrated a visible effect. Most looked like concentric patterns and mazes. The fascination was in how geometric they were -- how similar to the designs of man.

Cymatics: Cymatic Shapes w/ Sound & Water - HD by Jess-E

Uploaded by  on Oct 19, 2009 Music played through water produces shapes and patterns. Now in HD!

Most astoundingly, Jenny noticed that when the vowels of ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanscrit were pronounced, "the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels," notes a review of his work, "while our modern language did not generate the same result!"
The patterns took the forms of letters! Or so it was reported.

How could that be possible? "Is there something to the concept of 'sacred language,' which both of these are sometimes called?" asked the review. "What qualities do these 'sacred languages' possess?" We might add: is Hebrew a language that has been hard-wired into nature?
And does it also apply to Latin?

Hebrew! Tantalizing was the prospect that sacred language had the power to influence and transform physical reality through the recitation or singing of ancient texts; perhaps even to heal (who was out of "tune").

Let us be careful with all this. Patterns can devolve into occult symbology. It all can be twisted into the way of the kabbalist. Meanwhile, while no doubt we are all far more connected than we realize, and while God is all around, and is in nature, we must realize that He created nature and that nature is only a small part of Him.
Dr. Jenny speculated that Creation itself came to evolve as the result of vibrations, and that their nature determined the ultimate outcome -- as in "the Word of God"!

("In the beginning... God said, Let there be light: and there was light.. And more to the point:"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" and"the Word was made flesh.")

[Reader comments on previous story: "Isn't there a bible story about a loaf of bread that was on a table and that the people of the house were arguing and cursing and that the bread absorbed all of that and ultimately cursed the people who ate it?" asked John Cicio of Roswell, Georgia.

"After reading the article about the spiritual dimension of water -- how our words and feelings have an effect -- I was amazed," said another viewer from Hurdle Mills, North Carolina. "My thoughts are that all the negative words, music, and pure hatred for all that is good is affecting our world. Look at the storms in Kansas and so forth! We need to be prayerful and kinder to others."] 6/6/07

Contributing source: Spirit Daily - Cymatics

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