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Monday, January 02, 2012

Catholic Prophecy on End Times

"Are we living in the end times?"

 Secrets of the Vatican
Many people—including all of us at—believe the answer is yes.

The proof lies not in the future, but in the past... Amazing clues are concealed in the records of saints and mystics, spanning from ancient days to our present era.

We’ve spent the last ten years researching Catholic prophecy, an investigation that has taken us to holy shrines all over the world and deep into the halls of the Vatican. 

Our conclusion?  The prophecies we’ve uncovered contain evidence that our generation may witness one of the greatest supernatural events the world has ever seen.

But first, could saints and seers really predict the future? We believe they could.  Just take a look at this disturbing prophecy written by a seer in England during the 1500s:
   "When pictures look alive, with movements free,
    When ships, like fishes, swim beneath the sea,
    When men, outstripping birds, can soar the sky,
    Then half the world shall die."

It would seem that this prophecy describes television, submarines, and airplanes, yet it was written five hundred years ago.  And here's part of another prophecy, this one written by a seer in the 1600's:

"In Germany speaks a Man, whose sign is a strange Cross with Arms, and he speaks to his Folk and promises them Might and Dominion."

Prophecies about the Catholic ChurchThis obviously refers to Hitler and his "strange cross with arms," the swastika. The seer goes on to describe WWII, followed by an account of the end times.

These predictions are chillingly accurate, but to quote John Paul II, "Be not afraid!" These and other prophecies conclude by saying that the world will not end after the calamities. In fact, it will be filled with peace, and "men will believe like in ancient times."

All of our research has been gathered into an in-depth report, Catholic Prophecy: Saints & Mystics. The mission of this profound e-book is to inform you about the events that may lie ahead.



This report may be troubling to some readers.  Please

understand that whatever occurs is all part of God's plan.


Wars, terrorist attacks, financial crises, natural disasters… Our planet seems to be getting increasingly hostile.  But these were all signs that were foretold by holy men and women of the past.  

Morals also seem to be in a steady decline. Will God just sit back while the world becomes a cesspool of evil? We believe He loves us too much to do that.  So what will happen?Pope Prophecies

Our special report, Catholic Prophecy: Saints & Mystics, was put together so that you can be informed about what our future may hold.  It contains the most Catholic prophecies ever compiled in one publication and is periodically updated based on the latest news.

No one can know the hour or day, and we are by no means attempting to give a date. Throughout history, however, there have been prophets sent to warn believers. All evidence points to this generation as the one that will witness a series of tribulations and the dawning of a new era.

If nothing more, prophecies like these are an invitation to strengthen our faith.  Please be in prayer while reading them. For believers and those who are prepared, there is nothing to fear. In fact, if the saints are correct, the prophesied “purifications” will pave the way for a beautiful new Christian awakening!

Nonbelievers and those who deny God, however, will not understand these events as they transpire, nor will they know to call on God for mercy and help.  This report will prepare you to help them understand what is going on.

The prophecies contained herein describe many world-changing events, including:

  • A major clash between Islam and Christianity
  • A financial crisis that will change the way we live
  • A rise in sea levels that will inundate coastal cities
  • Natural disasters throughout the world
  • A Holy Emperor who restores the Church
  • The exile and martyrdom of a pope
  • The near-destruction of the ChurchCatholic Prophecies
  • A great sign that shows God exists  
  • A new era where people live in peace
  • And much, much more.

We now invite you to start your journey into Catholic prophecy and see evidence that has many people convinced that major global changes are not only just around the corner but have, in fact, already begun to take place.

Buying our eBook has zero risk... If you're not satisfied in any way, we'll give you a 100% refund and you can keep the eBook!

Our 107-page report Catholic Prophecy: Saints and Mystics costs only $30 $14.99(1/2 price for a limited time) and will be available for you to download instantly after purchase. The report is only available as an e-book, so you can be reading it within minutes. We'll give you a 100% refund if you're not completely satisfied.


Proceeds from the sale of the ebook help us continue our mission of what we call “preparatory evangelization.”  We also donate a portion of proceeds to Catholic charities like Mary’s Meals.

Thank you, and God bless you!


P.S.  If you have any doubt that saints and mystics of the past could foresee future events, we guarantee that this report will make you a firm believer. If you are not satisfied with the information contained in this report, just let us know at any time and you will get a full refund.


Why is this an ebook and not a regular book? 
When a prophecy is fulfilled or a major event happens in the world, we are able to update the ebook.  This ensures that Catholic Prophecy: Saints and Mystics is never out of date! 

Will the ebook work on my computer? 
Yes!  Immediately after purchase, you will get instant access to the ebook.  Reading it is just as easy as reading any document on your computer. You can also print it out as many times as you want to.

What if I’m not satisfied? 
Just let us know and you will get an instant full refund.  So far, every customer has been completely satisfied.

Why not just give it away for free?
This report has taken us a long time and a lot of hard work to compile.  We do provide a lot of free resources on our website, but we feel that sales of this groundbreaking ebook will provide a means for us to continue our mission.  By buying this report, you are supporting our efforts.

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